Who has the best seafood in san francisco?


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


I was at La Mar on the Embarcadero this weekend - 4 types of ceviche, other awesome seafood choices. here's a link to some more info
I like two seafood restaurants which are in Half Moon Bay (25 miles south of San Francisco) on the Coast.

Swan Oyster Depot, Bar Crudo, Waterbar and Farallon are great. Swan is casual, affordable, open for lunch, and often has a line out the door. Bar Crudo has many raw seafood plates. Waterbar is relatively new and located on the Embarcadero just off Market Street. Farallon is upscale, known for its over-the-top underwater themed decor (and great food, of course) and open for happy hour (with appetizer and drink specials).

That said, there are many other fantastic restaurants featuring seafood in SF, including quite a few that focus on sustainable fish. Happy dining!
I second the Swans Oyster Depot recommendation:
Awesome local spot in the city.

Yabbies on Polk is great as well but a bit pricier:
I will agree with both Swan Oyster Deport and Yabbies, which is said to be fantastic. Waterbar, now about three years old, sits right near the Bay Bridge and is excellent but pricey, as are Farallon and Aqua, both highly rated regularly by Zagat and Michelin. The Waterfront Restaurant at Pier 7, now 41 years old, consistently gets great marks and is favored by locals and visitors alike. Again, it provides a stunning view of the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island and excellent food. For the most casual experience saunter along Jefferson in Fisherman's Wharf and try various small dishes at the crab and shrimp stands along the way.
Most of, have fun!
This calls for highly subjective answers. My favorite seafood restaurant in the City is Farallon. Close second and far less expensive is Fog City Diner.

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