Cheapest way to get to Zurich from Costa Rica "Central America", and good under 20 bucks hostels for backpackers ?


Canton: Zurich

Country: Switzerland


I have no idea about the cheapest way to travel from Costa Rica to Zurich. I'd just suf different comparison pages on the internet to find the airline selling the cheapest rate like , i am not sure this is the best site though.

It's not to easy to find a hostel for 20 bucks a night in Zurich...I know of the swiss youthhostels which give you a small reduction if you are a member (7 or 8 bucks per night off) for a dormitory the charges are from 42 up to 55 Swiss Franc a night. the link:
then there is another backpacker hotel in the oldtown part of zurich called Hotel Biber, but also this one costs much more, for a night in the dormitory you pay at least 35 Swiss francs.

My opinion is that you won'r find a room for 20 bucks, if you want a single/double room you'll pay around 100 bucks. It's Zurich, so it's expensive, i am sure that you can find cheaper places outside of Zurich but then you'll always have a transportation problem. Hotel Biber is probably the most fun place to stay at, as there are many different nationalities staying there, and it's in a district where lot's is going on.

Hope this helped you.

Thank you ! that's what i thought...

And how about dates, when is it better to go, both for prices and fun ??? also, do you need a special visa if you're going from Spain ?
I'd definitely go in summertime, June up to September. Winter in Switzerland is fun too, but not really in cities. In winter you go skiing/Snowboarding and of course apres-skiing in the alps. At least like that you will see some sun. Summer in Zurich though is a lot of fun. You can go and swim in the lake or in the river. There are some green spots where many people go to, especially young ones. You can take boattrips on lake of Zurich, Also it's a great idea to make short trips to other cities or parts of switzerland.

A visa is not required for a stay up to 90 days if you are a Costa Rican citizen arriving from Spain. It's always best to travel with a passport which's valid at least 6 more months and has some blanc pages left. This information is up to date as far as i know, but you should of course check it again when booking your trip as these things can always change pretty fast.
Thanks again ;)
welcome and enjoy your trip to Europe! I've just been in Barcelona and it really rocks!

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