i'm arriving in brisbane in mid september. will that be a good time(climate,cost,availability for lodging) to visit uluru? i'm...

...planning on a 5 week stay and want to visit cairnes, kangaroo island, adelaide and sydney as well. any advice


Country: Australia


Why don't you visit Nepal ? Everest Base camp trekking could be nice . only suggestion for you. all the best.
Gokul for inquiry. thank you
Hi there thanks for the question

you will have arrived at a very good time - especially for ULURU for which I am personal knowledge of - that is the very beginning of the wet season after which time it will become extremely hot and you need to be prepared - the wet season is the cheapest time to go because of the heat

a good strong sturdy hat like an akubra hat is a must to help keep you shaded and a large waterbottle and good walking boots, tropical strength Fly repellant, and lighweight ( cotton ), clothes that are bright in colour ( RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, PURPLE, ) - people can and do get lost in the desert where Uluru is located the lightweight clothing that must cover you should be bright coloured in the event you do go missing so that any planes flying overhead can see you on the ground easily - - personally I would stick with the tour and bus crowds and no wander off by yourself

the resort at Uluru called Yulara is based close to Uluru and the Kata Tjuta but the distance is decieving - whilst they look like they are " JUST THERE " and can be easily walked to - ther are no paths to walk " Just there " and they are in fact a good 40 plus kilometres walk away through scrub, bush, poisonous snakes, and deadly wildlife, that combined with the heat of the desert and you can and will get lost easily and dehydrated hence the large drinking bottle for which you MUST drink a litre of water for every kilometre and hour you are out there.

the walk around the base of ULURU itself is approximately 13 kilometres

depending on the type of accommodation you want - Yulara has camping sites with No Air Conditioning which can be quite uncomfortable to slep in at night and you may sometimes wake up with some sort of deadly bug / insect in your clothing or shoes which your camping co- ordiantor will always tell you to tip out and empty your shoes and clothing before you put them on in the morning or any time of the day.

the next stage up is the Yulara Camping grounds which have Cabins that are airconditioned and lockable ( close the curtains durng the day to maximise the coolness ) and is the next cheapest form of accommodation other than the backpackers accommodation - and then you have 6 major hotels of another choice to stay in which can be quite expensive - but it again depends on your budget

I'll come back to this question later as I'm in the middle of running out the door and will come back and finish this answer off shortly

sincere regards


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