Is there a bus from the DEad Sea Marriott to Petra?


Country: Jordan


No there is no buses that travel that road. You can either go back to Amman, & then take a bus preferebly from the "Jet" Company which is effective, cheap, & easiest, or call a taxi service "mumayaz" which is quite expensive!!
Jet Bus affords that service in an affordable prices (8JD's)each way.Its located in Abdali area in Amman.
for so sorry till now no , either a car rental , or going back to amman .which is more cheaper and easier to go to petra .
You have to go back to Amman at seventh circal to trust buses company near Alia terminal ,the ticket cost 8JD to Aqaba ,15 JD private lounge
No there is no buses from Dead sea area to Petra , but you can reserve a private car with a driver from Dead Sea to Petra , if you need more information about the private cars , please don`t hesitate to contact me :

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