Hello , Can any one help with preparing a list of traditional Egyptian foods and in which restaurants can we try it especially in...

...other cities not only in Cairo , Thanks a lot. Enjoy your time Jack


Country: Egypt


1-Abou Tarek Koshary in Shampiloion Street ,DownTown, Cairo (near by the Egyptian Museum.
2-You can go to khan elkhalili where you can touch the egyptian local atmosphere in Hussein , Cairo.
3- tamtam in naama bay, sharm elsheikh
hi jack i see what you want and i think you can go to el sayedah zainab area and choose from a defrent restaurants and all kind of egyption foods
Hello, fool adn felaffel are great, very cheap and delicious, you can get this at most of the small local cafes in any town or city...ask for it to be with everything and you will receive a packed sandwich full of falaffel, salad aubergine and fries.
Koshari another delicious cheap local dish and just ask any loocal in a town where koshari is and you will be directed. ali, like a bread and butter pudding only tastier, or roz bi laban which is rice pudding!
Look for places that are full and bustling, with big grills and bbq and you will find delicious cuts of meat with mezze for a fraction of the price in tourist places.

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