Dear all , I will be in Egypt the next month , i would like to visit the palace of Ibrim , can you give me some details or arrange a...

...tour for me , we are 2 person , Thank you. Marie And Fran


Country: Egypt


Ibrim ??! ........ where did you heard about ?? what kind of places it is ??
The Palace of Ibrim is nice to see but it will only take half a day or a full day maximum to visit it,there is a lot more,i can help u,and arrange everything for u but i need more details about ur tour before i can give u details of arrangments and prices.u say it is 2 pax,
I need to know when exactly is ur arrival and departure dates,how long will u stay here,how many cities would u like to visit,and which category would u like to travel in,i can provide sevices and hotels starting from 5 star deluxe to 3 star hotel and services,i also need to know if u would llike me to arrange meals ( full board accomedation ) included in the tours or would u like to eat on ur own,note that some times arround some places there will be no appropriate places for food on or near the sites,meals will have to be arranged before the tours.
Dear all

The Palace Of Ibrim (Kasr Ibrim)

There is only one way to go there , in boat or better saying in Nile Cruises from Abu Simbel to Aswan, Located under the water of Nasser lake , about 40 Minutes sailing from Abu simbel to the north direction Aswan.

This monument was a Palace by the last Greco-Roman time in Egypt changed to be a convent for the first Christians and lately between the 14th and the 18th century used as a military strategic point.

When Egypt formed the Lake Nasser after the construction of the High Dam, the water covered 90 percent of the monuments and it was not saved till today.

So it is a panoramic visit in the middle of the water of Lake Nasser , normally the Nile cruises make a panoramic stop just to see the superficial parts of it and make some pictures.

Enjoy your time


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