good Morning , Is it easy to use the public transportation in Cairo and Alex?


Country: Egypt


Hi User

If you mean by the public transportation , the public bus (line bus) , i really do not recommend at all it is crowded all the time and not that safe as in Europe or in the USA for example.

The Under Ground metro is fine ok but really does not serve a lot the tourism as it does not go where the touristique areas except the old Cairo and the Center (Tahrir and Ramses Squares)

Taxi especially the white (all white with black line on the side , it has a taxi meter and it works , the start is 2.5 Egyptian pound than 1.25 Egyptian pound for each km and 0.25 Egyptian Pound i mean 25 piasters for each minute waiting.

There is also the full yellow ones and it is the same as the whites except that it starts with 3.5 Egyptian pound.

Taxis in general the whites and the yellows has air condition but rarely works or rarely the driver put it on.
I really do recommend a privet car with air condition especially in the coming hot days.

There is also what we call Collective cars but really it is a headache in your vacation starting to study which way they go and from where to where and all this stuff.

If you need more details about this issue please let me know

Enjoy your time

Taxies are ok,but i dont advice other public transportation like buses.

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