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Montañita is a town located in Peninsula de Santa Elena, great place to relax, a beachtown. Is about 2 1/2 hours from Guayaquil, going in autobus.
Great food, alot of places to lodge.
You can buy handcrafts, pay for surf classes... also alot of pubs.
You just write down Magic words, Montanita is that, is magic. It is a little beach surf town located in Ruta del Sol highway, 1 hour from Manta, 2 hours from Guayaquil. Here you will find traveleres from the whole world who gets in love of the place and stay for months or even to live. Different types of restaurants, hotels, discos, for each budget. This town never sleeps, there is always something to do, you can hire surf lessons, and practice many other alternative sports. It owns a beautiful and large beach with one of the most popular surf break points in the pacific with waves that had reach even 4 meters. You will love I can guarantee you that!
Montañita is know in Ecuador as one of the most relaxing and great for surfing beaches. If you are planning on visiting Montañita this month, June, or in July, you will be able to attend one a really great beach party in South America. This party is called Raves Ecuador Beach Party. There will be famous djs brought from London and other places. In case you are interested, check it out on facebook they have a web page and you can make sure you are here for this great event.
But apart from all the party and the relaxing atmosphere, you can also go from montañita to other small beaches. Montañita also has a wide variety of crafts and of course sea food.
montañita is one of the most visited beaches in ecuador in this town you can see lots of surfers, rastas, and lots of traveles from all the world and if you like house music they organise raves all the time.
if your in ecuador is the one place to visite, lots of people say that ones your there you will never want to leave.
Motañita = magical surf beach
The combination of a perfect right wave, golden sand and tropical vegetation, good places to stay with a big variety of surf activities to do during the day, and then the needed relax after a day with nice waves:-)
como te han contestado antes es una gran sitio para ir , cuando vienes?

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