Hi i am planning to visit Egypt in 2010 . What it would be the best time of year to do that in terms of weather mostly. I am planning... take a nile cruise but i also want to visit cairo , the pyramids and most important monuments. Thanks for any reply


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Hi George

Concerning your question about the best time to visit Egypt in terms of weather:

Summer in Egypt is really hot and may be it is not the good time to do your trip i mean till the end of September you can say it will be over may be 40 Celsius.

I would advise you by the middle of October will be fine and till the end of March even middle April will be ok.

Please take in consideration that price is little more expensive in Winter.

If you give me more information about how many person you are and what nationalities and how many days you want to spent in Egypt i can help you in arranging every thing i mean a complete program , itinerary , rate and every thing
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Thank you
thank you for your detailed answer . most probably i will do the trip alone or maybe with another friend and i think about a week would be great.
any time between september and may.
The best would be arroud december to march but it is more expensive.
Before and after that prices are lower.
thank you for your answer
it depends in where you live and how you see the weather from your side.....but from sep/untill the end of the year......if you need any help please let me
thanks for your answer
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