My mom and i want to visit Seoul around May 1-3. Is there anyone who'd like to accommadate us? We can pay for the accommadation, but...

...not as much as expensive hotels.


Country: South Korea


Accomodations can be easy and cheap here. There are many hostels around the cities, but with a mom I'd go with a small hotel or pension. The small hotels can be as low as 50 or 60 dollars US per night. There are also good minbaks. A minbak is a room -- sometimes big, sometimes small, but as cheap as 40 dollars US per night. I'd say, with the mom, a small hotel at 50-70 dollars a night would be best for price and comfort.
I am sure there can be some one who would lke to ccomodate u in Seoul..depends of what u want...if u r looking for an accomodation in a family that it takes time, but if u need a giude to help u to find a hotel than i can help u with pleasure..
In seoul are many hotels which are not really expensive, i am sure we can find one ^__^
there are many motels that are cheaper than hotels ($30-$50) and small family owned/run establishments that are a little better than hostels ($15-$30) per night. It depends on how far into the center of the city you would like to stay at.
If you don't have lots of money, you can use "Jjim Jil Bang" which famous for cheapest sleeping and taking a bath. Many Jjim Jil Bang in seoul. you can easily find there with pedestrian's help.
It has a Turkish bath in the building. almost Jjim Jil Bang has 3floors. one floor of them is the big room facility and one floor is men's bath. last is women's bah.It is the most cheaper area(about $5 per person) you can sleep. but you may be a little inconvinient. The problem of big room is many people sleep there with only peel. but you can buy a bedcloths of $1 and there is a dinning room. you can use a pay PC & watch free TV.

My friend has an extended stay apartment building. I could check into that for you if you are staying for more than two weeks as that is the minimum stay period.
If you want a traditional experience, you should definitely try Seoul Guest House! (it's only around 35 USD for a twin room)

Motels can be inconvenient in several ways (often it's difficult to rest well) if not chosen very carefully..
If you want a nice hotel to stay, I would recommend the Capitol Hotel near Itaewon. Its lot less than Marriott, Hyatt, etc., and travellers from Japan and China stay there. Also, there is the Hamilton Hotel just up the road and in the same price range. If you do plan on coming, I can help find a safe and clean place that won't break the bank.
Thanx a lot for your help, mate! Will let you know when i decide.
DEFINITELY check out Seoul Guest House. It's very affordable and a traditional experience with all mod cons! two can stay with me. My wife is moving 30 April to DC and I have extra room for that weekend. The building is secure and I am a US Army veteran and a professor at a local university. Also, an Honorary Citizen of Seoul. I have a nice space and two bathrooms, so you two can have ample privacy.
Thank you very much! Andrew.
We have to change our schedule due to my mom's little injury. Hope we could find some place like yours when we visit Seoul in the near future. Thanks anyway, though!

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