what is the weather like


Country: United Kingdom


hi bsimon,

you're asking about weather, i assumed that you're asking about aberdeen weather as this is where i live :)
aberdeen weather is so dynamic. the temperature keep changing in hourly or even minute basis. and also sun and cloud could come and go with no time. so it's true that if you came to aberdeen you should get ready with 'a layer clothes'.
it's spring/summer here, but we had hail & snow few weeks ago!
it was a lot warmer last week, i even out with short pants and tee and no jumper last saturday because it was so warm but today i woke on 6am with 4degC and it's only 9degC now even it's sunny and clear.
but if you're asking about souther part of UK, say london, you would find about maximum 10degC different temperature.
hope it could give you some idea about the weather.

planning to come to aberdeen? just buzz me.
keep well, keep fun and have nice trip!

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