I am looking for a publisher in an English speaking country.

I will be gratefull if you help me with contact of a publisher. I am interested in the translation of a book which would be from Bulgarian to english.The book would be related to the Humanitarian Studies/Pedagogical/. If you yourself are a publisher in an English speaking country it would be much appreciated to contact me so as to give you more details of the book and its content or either know someone who publishes that might be interested. Veselina Spasova Thank you


Country: Australia


Hi Veselina

I have tried to have a look around for you on Google in Australia, but I think the choices we have are somewhat limited for what you are asking - short of actually going into a translator's officer and getting the work translated that way before hand and then approaching a publisher.

I did find this link and I'm not sure how helpful it would be to you - but thought something is better than nothing.

this one appeared to have the outcome of some bulgarian type of publishing / english print ( according to the brief summary I read ), but I didn't really read much into iot to know if it is of any assistance to you

I'm sorry I was not able to assist you any further - best wishes inyour endeavours - perhaps Matt or another fellow Aussie can assit you here where I am not able to do so

Take care


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