any stories about your visit to the Hedonism Resort?

was curious of what its actually like to go there.. Website doesn


Country: Jamaica


I stayed there once with my wife I underestimated the extent of nudity so in reality it was a shocker for me initially. If you are not used to that it can be a bit uncomfortable.
that's all
It is an adult playground
You can't expect the playboy mansion either. They're just average people with average shapes and sizes.
I went to hedo in runaway bay with my husband (in october 08), the rooms were nice, clean and comfortable and the food o.k but i wouldn't say 1st class, not much local food from what i remember.

you have an option to be on the nude beach or not, there is another clothed beach. The guards on the nude beach do not allow fully clothed persons to hang around to make the others uncomfortable, so its pretty much all or nothing, i thought that was neat.

But be warned you may see very overt sexual performances in the pool beach or jacuzzi. the weekend we were there there was practically an orgie in the pool... the european couples we made friends with were amazed at their frivolous unprotected behavior.

i agree with that other comment about not being anything like the playboy mansion. Its just normal people being comfortable in their own skin ad their own skin only. Young, middle aged and the much older bare it all.

We were happy to stay on resort all weekend (it was a local public holiday with several parties and events happening nearby off resort)even though the resort club was empty most nights... We planned initially to go out but got lazy as time passed. we enjoyed the solitude of a late night stroll on the beach and being honeymooners all over again. You can however make arrangements with taxis at the resort for evening excursions and ask the bartenders and other staff what is going on off site if you are interested .But note they(staff) are not allowed to escort you on excursions not planned by the resort for security/liability reasons.

We didn't socialize alot, but there were some ppl we would see everyday by the pool that we had some interesting conversations with. Very relaxing time.. we would go again.
I have never been there, but just like it says, it's like a playboy mansion with average people. You don't neccessary have to be naked if you don't want to.
Hi Susan
I'm not a nudist and I enjoyed it. All inhibitions are left at the door. Everyone is just more open and lets it all hang out (sometimes literally). the food was great and the entertainment was awesome, very creative.
There is an au-natural section but once on property just keep an open mind.
If you just want to curl up with a book, laying in the hammock and drinking daquris its all good. I think I prefer Hedo III though. the atmosphere was more relaxing to me.
Hedo has a prude beach and a nude beach - its all up to you where you wish to go. You can expect nudity from most guests - that's why they go there. I have had some great times there, all with clothes on!
Its an all inclusive resort with a nice white sand beach and part nudity for relaxation as well..
it's a lot of fun, as long you're comfortable being surrounded by people who might be feeling freaky or feel the need to dine al fresco. most of the time, people are friendly but not in an overtly sexual way. definitely, a good spot to go enjoy your time on the island
Lots of nudity and folks making love in the pool, etc.
Fun if you are into that and maybe some mate swapping.
Well, it's very hedonistic as the name suggests. Even though it is clothing optional, you find that everyone walks around naked (except for the hotel staff). It does get very freaky so if you are not open-minded then don't go. Negril is not half as bad as Ocho Rios, so opt for Negril for a more toned-down version of what really happens. I've never been but I know people who've worked there and they said that guests do pay exceeding amounts for sexual favours. Again, it's up to you how far you are willing to take this experience while visiting our beautiful country.

Blessed Love.
I was not a part of nudity and I still had fun!!!!!. All inhibitions and pride are left at the door and you enter to have the time of your life. the food was great and the entertainment was wonderful, very creative the entertainers made me want to join in on the fun.
the atmosphere was exceting. at the end of my four days i wished i could have extend my stay. Sylvia it all fun you will have no regrets. just go with an opened mind!!!!
Hedonism is an adult resort. It is most suitable for open minded persons. There is a nude beach along with a regular beach.
no stories, i neva visited there, i take guest there..
nice place if you want to just want to be wild for a week
Its one of the best all inclusive hotels in Jamaica. It caters for the persons who like the more risque (there is a nude beach to the property )kind of accomodation and entertainment.There are two locations in Jamaica, Negril and runaway Bay. Runaway seems to offer the best entertainment and food. Because of the way it pacakges itself it attracts alot of celebrities both locally and oversees alike. You should visit you will not be disappointed, Trust me.
all inclusive exotic resort, nudity and the whole works
visit and chat with regular hedohighest.. all the best
Hi there, l live in Jamaica, Negril and often visit Hedo. It's soooooo much fun. l really think you should try it. But remember it's wild, wild, wild!!!!!
Hedonism 2 is loocated in Negril, and Hedonism 3 is in St. Ann. You can book full time for the whole auro at 1876 957 5900 in negril or 75US can give you one night of fun filled ecstacy. Hmm it was worth it try it dear
Great entertainment and entertaining staff. No one judges you and its was just lots of fun. I particularly liked the AC fitness centre and special thanks to Sophie who sits in the lobby @ Guest Relations. From the minute we arrived to when we were leaving she always checked with us to see how we were enjoying our stay. Thanks a lot Sophie, you really made a difference in our stay.
There are three Hedonisms and it is for adults only. If you would like to be free of clothing that is where you can go to do just that! Orgies are common place occurrences there. Weddings in the nude are now commonplace there too it used to be a big thing to hear in the newspaper of things like that going on but now we don't hear about that but it still goes on there as if it has been going on as a norm. There are other activities that are done some of the same games played in the pool in other hotels are also played there except in the nude. Pilates and yoga is done by the poolside in the nude so, it is everyday activities just done clothes less. They even go shopping within the hotel areas like that. Hence the name for it is from the Latin or Greek for earthly pleasures.
you can be as bare as you dare at hedonism so you got to be wanting to flant it.
Sorry to say no hilrious story to tell. My visit to Hedonism II in Negril was just for a day and it was very relaxing anf the food was great. I don't sunbathe, so I didn't go across to the nude beach. Hedonism III in Runaway Bay, I have not had the previlge of visiting. I was told that it was just as good as II.
its a cool place to be if you're into the freaky stuff.
I stayed there once with my wife I underestimated the extent of nudity so in reality it was a shocker for me initially. If you are not used to that it can be a bit uncomfortable.
that's all

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