What is the most interesting place in Egypt?


Country: Egypt


Memphis Tours Egypt Hi , I thought you are the one to tell us what is the most interesting place in Egypt.
Any way from my side i can tell you The Nubian Village and Abu Simbel by night in Sound and Light show and do not for get the white dessert.
sure... and thank u :D
I's asking u to know the best place from the travelers eyes :)
please visit this site and you will know the most important tourist attraction in Egypt, see you
definitly luxor is the most interesting place in Egypt
for me all the places in Egypt are the best..just to touch this holy land and see what's in here.......i wish this is fair...!!
i think that aswan there r many places of interest like abu simbel philae and the kitshener island
i think the best is Karnak Temple is the best
it depends , if you want beach and sexy girls n night clubs sports then ,difinitly sharm el-sheikh or hurgada , love historical places ? there is luxor and pyramids area ,
about night life you can check on
But about girls))))))))))) it sound very foolishly for Europeans people ))))
Of course that's a personal point of view:
for tourists, I think east & west banks of Luxor are the most intersting part of Egypt, lose yourself between temples & tombs of the new kingdom!
For archelogists, I think Sakkara might be an endless source of treasures.
the most interesting place in egypt is abu simble

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