Does anyone know of a safe, 1 day fishing trip within 1 or 2 hours of Lima? We are a group of 5 people and we can all share 1 boat or...

...share 2 small boats. We prefer that all equipment is included in price (fishing poles, bait, etc).


Country: Peru


Check that web page, it would be so helpful for you:

There are some boat options:
1. Islas Palomino. 1 hour from Lima. Boat departure from Callao. They use to go for sea wildlife watchings but fishing is also possible.
2. Pucusana. 1.5 hours from Lima. Small boats take you for fishing.
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Dear Shelley :

You can go to pucusana and rent an small boat for S/ 25.00 localy, this place is south of lima or you can contact an expert his name Luis Figari + 51 1 981104699 he told me that he can help you with everything

You can go to La Punta en Lima also but is more expensive than pucusana .


Jose Antonio
well yues if you want to take a tour in boat will be good you can go to the callao . then you can visit the palomino island , and the san lorenzo too . if you need olther information let me know iam a tour guide
The best & safest service is at the Punta Sal Hotel in Tumbes, you can go to their website at , they have a deep sea fishing trip from 7 AM to 4 PM , max of 6 people, the cost for the group is US$ 654.50 includes local tax. Everything is supplied. The catch is that you have to be a guest at the Hotel, but they said that you could book one room for one night, the cheapest rate is US$98.00 and then would be able to hire the boat service. On a this kind of trip I wouldn´t take my chances with any informal service. If you devide the cost by 5 people it comes out to about US$ 120.00 per person. Pretty close to what your thinking.
Punta Sal is way up in Nothern Perú, yes it is beautiful but a longer trip than you have in mind: 17 hours by bus, 1.45 hrs by plane. The coast off of 'Peru is very rich in sealife. If you are staying at a reputable hotel in Lima they will be able to help you find what you have in mind.
Now I have the newest and best option for boat fishing tours near Lima. Just 40km from Lima, some 40min. drive. Fishing tour on a brand new boat. U$ 70 per person. Including round trip transfer from your hotel in Lima with private vehicle and all fishing equipment.

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Anibal Phone: (51)(1) 433 7981

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