I've been to Rio a couple of times and I am very interested in the music scene - I've been told that Humaitá and Lagoa are great...

...neighbourhoods for nightlife (aside from Lapa of course) ... where are some good spots for music in those neighbourhoods, and since they are not on the metro line, what is the best way to get there? Thanks!


Country: Brazil


Howdie!!! Well, Humaitá is for sure a very musical neighborhood!!

The famous COBAL DO HUMAITÁ, it is a fruit market that in the evenings in one of the Mecca of Rio's Music.

You can easily go there via METRO...You will have to walk a little to go there walking all over a street called São Clemente!
Also very close to Botafogo Station, in the end of Voluntario da Patria Street you will find some barzinhos, both pavements there will be very cozy places and lots of people, specially in the weekends!
As for Lagoa, this lagoon is very famous for its various barzinhos, cafés and restaurant by the water.

Meditarraneo and Tropical are the most famous, there is also another café with arabic food that has an interesting group of Chorinho perfoming every weekend!

This area is called PARQUE DOS PATINS
By the docks in a very old area of Rio called PRAÇA MAUÁ, you can find a lot of "samba houses" in a street called SACADURA CABRAL. And they also make parties in some store houses of the port.
If you go by Leblon District, then you will find another Cobal, very close to the Soccer Stadium of is also a veggie market during the day and very musical spot full of bars in the evenings, It is very close to the s-h-i-t-t-y place PLATAFORMA.
You will see near to COBAL LEBLON a big super market called SENDAS, in that same street you will see another pavement full of bars where you can find ACADEMIA DA CACHAÇA, there is a little mall where you will find more BARZINHOS, lots of them has LIVE MUSIC with genuine brazilian music!
And in Copacabana, of course, I would never forget to mention BIP BIP at Almirante Gonçalves Street, very close to DEBRET hotel at Atlantica Avenue, there you have very fine brazilian music every evening!!!

The owner has a bad face, but he is a very nice person! :)
I just remember one more nice place in Botafogo area, close to COBAL DO HUMAITÁ, this place is called BAR DO BELMIRO at Rua Conde do Irajá.
Wow it seems thAat you found a CULTURE TEACHER here!!! This is a genuine RIO'S AMBASSADOR. I am very lucky that we work together!!!

Actually I really do not have anything to say...but I think I can help....

YOU HAVE TO BE A REAL ADVENTURER, but if you are very interested about brazilian music and the roots of our SAMBA, then you have to go one evening in the weekends to LARGO DO BICÃO, in the neighborhood of Penha. Lots of bars in that square that will perform a lot of SAMBA DE RODA and some pagodes!
More to the end of the year, close to Carnaval, Madureira will be the LAND OF SAMBA with all the TIAS and TIOS from Portela Samba School
And if you are a real reseacher, going to PRAIA DA RIBEIRA at Ilha do Governador you will find lots of barzinhos by the bay with a lot of Samba.
These places can be easily reached by train or by car (if you decide to go to Ilha do governador) if you get there before 10:00 pm, or you can always take a taxi, better going there with a local!
Jim'll take you. It's my and his neighborhood.
Girl,go to Lapa!!!!
A great samba option is Casa Rosa at Rua Alice!
Lapa is an spectacular place!
No doubt, Lapa! :)
Lapa, I do recommend you.
You have to go to Cobal in Lagoa.
Best places for popular music in Brasil is Madureira

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