Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

...wondered if you could think of anyone who you feel would like to be involved as a Country Leader at this crucial launch stage. We are not looking to sign up 'regular' distributors at this moment but are looking for the serious team players who will become our global team partners. As a fouder of this NEW very narrow NICHE business in your country, first year total earnings of $100,000 potential with second year earnings of $100,000 a month potential for the right people. If you can help me that would be great and your input would be much appreciated. Look forward to hearing back from you. Best wishes, Teodor M Muntean Healthy Coffee Worldwide email: mmteodor-at-yahoo dot com skype: mmteodor


Country: South Africa


Please forgive me, but I am amused by your message Teodor. Firstly, I thought this website was for travelers looking for help and information when on holiday in SA...

Secondly, your "projected" earnings are derived how? Have you done the necessary research on the market you wish to target in South Africa?

Lastly, is this a typical home based pyramid scheme? If it is, I am not at all interested. If it is not, please give us an idea of what its about and what you are selling...

It sounds to good to be true - and we know what people say about that; it probably is. I am completely skeptical to say the least.

Show me wrong.
Absolutely the same opinion as Bobby!
We get a dozen similar enquiries a week (I just turned down a "WORLD BANK"
offer sent from their headquarters on Gmail).
If Localyte doesn't fulfill there published Agenda, count me out.
I think we all agree that Localyte is a Travel & Tourism initiative, however overseas companies dont always know where to source partners in a business network environment. We operate a national call centre in the Travel space, FMCG market and Customer Care, In and Outbound Sales & Marketing campaigns. Visit our website Call for assistance. Regards Eugene du Plessis
Thanks for prof answer. Business is connected to travel and tourims, through opening a loco Cafe there and distributing coffee in the entire country.
Gentlemen, I have taken the liberty of reporting this individual for "advertising" his so called non-travel related opportunity on Localyte. I am sure they will deal with him accordingly.
Yup, sigh, lets try to keep on the topic of our awesome country! ;)
Thanks Frank - If this carries on, we'll be receiving spam something similar to our everyday inbox...
Thanks, good thinking.
As I write there are nine comments to the enquiry.
This isn't the reason I joined Localyte!
Let's focus on the tourism aspects please.
Thank you.
Theodor with the "projected" income I would thought that the best people to contact would have been the South African Chamber of Commerce as they would have access to the people you require.
It's an option of course. I need a localyte to help me doing this. it is about opening a Local cafe and distributing the coffe also in the whole country. Thanks for the idea.
no thank you for the invitation but im not interested.I think all of you guys are right.
LOL, yes well, we all seem to have the same opinion about your request. Perhaps we could interest you in investing some of your potential income on the social development or eco-tourism in this country?
Sure, call it Bio Tourism if you want, and find someone to invest in opening a Bio Cafe shop there.
Serious offers by email first, not here. Thanks.
Good day.
I would just like to inform you this site is intended for potential tourist to visit our wonderful country, and we are here to give more information to our tourist. Unluckily I dont have any information for you on experienced network marketeers. Sorry that I could not be more of assistance.
does it contain caffeien
Good Day Mr. M Muntean

I am interested in helping you out with network marketing in South Africa. At this stage I am part of the networking team called Network 21, it is part of AMWAY Business. I have been part of this team since 2005 and have around 700 people underneath me. I would appreciate it if you can send me all the information I needed.

My name is Pieter Pieterse.
Web: Touring
Web: Hunting

P.O. Box 6477
Limpopo Province
South Africa

Dear Sit, Maybe you can help me as well, I am looking for agents to help me marketing my Hunting and Touring Business .

not interested personaly, but ... good luck :)
i am seriously committed in leading the team at any given time with all my energy and ready to serve them with love for the satisifaction of their needs .
Pls send an email for details. See my signature.
The business is connected with travel if you look on my localyte page you will see it. We have here coffee shops we serve this coffee and want to expand the business worldwide.
Serious marketers please send email directly to me and forget about wasting your time, as I really do not have time to read opinions. I need serious people who want to start a business in their country. Thanks for understanding and help.
I have now received 20 odd emails on this same topic...

As far as I understand, this website was to offer a service for people travelling to my country; not to be offered businesses.

I'm not quite sure how you manage to believe your business is travel related; or related to this website for that matter.
I'm working as a rep in Johannesburg and looking for something ells to do, please give me an indication of what exactly you are talking about.

Vivian Torlage

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