Which is the best Cinema in Skopje?


Country: Macedonia


"Milenium" cinema in the city trade center ( ГТЦ - Градски трговски центар) and in Ramstore mall :)

Cinema Milenium:

Cinema Ramstore:
i agree with him .
me too
Ramstor Mall and Milenium cinema you have the links below from Vladimir Temelkovski
depending on what kind of movie you want to c, new realeses or oldies

u can browse all happenings on
The best cinema in Skopje is Ramstore Cinema.
Thank you all of you for your answers.
You can see alternative, more artsy films at Kinoteka and the MKC (Youth cultural center) often.
apart from the most popular one, Millennium and the one in Ramstore mall (which has two halls with arround 50-70 seats each, real small!), there are the ones which show movies that arent so popular, but ave made a huge success in their own respective eras, such as After the Rain, etc.

let me know if you are still interested
Hello dear Marina,
The movie "After the rain" is only in Macedonian lang. or both and in English?

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