salamu aleikum all,

i am in alexandria, and i get requests from clients sometime to visit luxor,cairo, and other cities in egypt, and i can see that you are reliable person, so i will depend on you if i have any cients would like to go to your city. reservation in hotels, transportation and services, let me know if you are interested, i will be glad to deal with you, thanks a lot, tell me your prices please so that i know the cost, elesperado travel service of alexandria


Country: Egypt


hello there .acutally i was thinking to do the same idea to make such kind of co-operation with experts like iam glad to hear from you first ..hope we will keep in touch
thank you very much mohamad, you can email me , and then we can exchange personal information like phone numbers, and prices, thank you very much and have a great day, elesperado travel services of alexandria
thank you for your answer .here is my yahoo
so we can contact each other .hope i ll hear from you soon
I'm really like to help you but really i'm very busy
i'm sorry.
Thank you Shaab. This is a great idea. We will definitely keep in touch.

thank you ramzey, good luck with your studies
Hi, I would be happy to take referrals from anyone, most prices on my website w, anything else feel free to call and ask, and I do work with Soha in Alex, but the more good guides to contact the better. I look forward to working with you.
thank you for your reply, i tried to visit your website but it did not open, please check and fix it, thanks once more
it is my pleasure to have work with you, i send you an email
hope to hear from u very soon
thank you summer, definitely i will deep in touch
its very good idea to keep in touch it will be pleasure to help any one of you guys
thank you very much, i will keep in touch when i have clients or i need your help
I am an expat half egyptian ready to start new business relations tell me what it is you offer.

we can offer villas and tour guides - late night guides - appartments - transport
hi jest, i am in alexandria too, please call me to discuss what we can do, my phone is 016-936-8818, hope to hear from you soon
Hello Shaab,my name is khaled my website will be ready in few days when it will be with full informations i will send you the link and i hope it will be usefull for you
Please check only after 1 week from today

thanks khaled, i will check your website, hopefully we meet soon
That's why you are #1 always.
it's pleasure to share services all of us.and make our country better.
glad to hear from you
hi ala-eldin, thanks for your compliment, i am flattered, but definitely we should cooperate to help each other, glad to hear you
Hi,I want to help you but i'm very busy in this time.

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