Where is the best pasta in North Beach?


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


Sotto Mare at 552 Green and Caffe Sport a few doors away both get really high marks for their food in general and for their pasta in particular. Perbacco and Quince are nearby and very good. If you're willing to step away from North Beach, there's a lot of great, innovative California influenced Italian dining in and around the city, and that's where we do best. Delfina, Flour + Water, and Oliveto are all good choices.
Have you tried Tommaso's yet? They claim to be the best Italian food in North Beach...but if you don't pay too much attention to the hype, you can actually get a pretty tasty pasta plate there. Also try the Steps of Rome...not the cheesy greasy commercial date place, the one a few doors down that many don't know about...that's the good stuff.
The house-made gnocchi at Firenze by Night is truly incredible. Spend some time chatting with the owner Sergio and get a feel for a true old-school North Beach classic
my favorite is caffe macaroni
There are so many places in North Beach with a big range in prices. Your best bet is to stroll along Columbus and the sides streets and see what feels good for you...North Beach Restaurant, Firenze, Steps of Rome, Dimaggios, The Rose many. Ciao, Bella...and buon appetito!

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