I would like to study in Thailand, please help me with the cultural aspects and nature of people.Is it safe?Is English language spoken... good enough people or do I have to learn the local language? Please help me with the living expenses as well.


Country: Thailand


Hello and welcome Nishant. I understand why you ask the question about safety. Normally we are peace-lovers. So you can forget what was just happening to our country. It is safe enough. :)
About cultures, Thailand has multi-cultures depend on the region. (which is very interesting if you have time to travel to different parts of our country) Lots of beautiful places are all around the country. If you're a beach lover, go to the east or the south. If you like mountains, go up to the north. The transportation is pretty convenient. There're buses to every province or you can travel by plane. And if you plan to stay in Bangkok, it's super convenient. You can use BTS sky train or MRT subway. Avoid travel by car if possible :p.

Most people at 40-50 years old and younger can speak English, but they are shy when seeing foreigners. So talk to them slowly and softly. They're willing to help but just shy. I believe if they don't know, they will help you find other people who can help you.

Ask more if you want to know anything more specifically.
Thailand isn't a safe place at the moment, what & where are you wantin' to study ?
I was an English Teacher for five years in Bangkok so please ask me what you need to know. As for learnin' Thai you should sign-up in a Thai culture course where you can learn alot about Thai people & you will learn alittle of the Thai Language.
Hello Nishant
Phuket has remained untouched by the violence to hit the mainland. We do not have any curfews at all but 23 areas on the mainland do.
Regarding English, it is spoken widely especially where there are tourists. Sometimes in the rural areas, English is not widely used. Here you would need to know basic Thai language, or have a Thai person with you to translate.
I would suggest a basic Thai language course, as this will prepare you for more in depth study. The Thai language is tonal based, as opposed to word based. There are five tonal ranges and depending on the tone used, this alters the context and meaning of the word. But you can learn more about these and other bits of Thai culture at a recognised Thai Language school.
You do not say where you would like to study? At university level, you would have to be pretty fluent in written and spoken Thai, as this is the teaching language.
Living expenses are much cheaper on the mainland, as opposed to Phuket.
Phuket is very over-priced as it is catering for the tourists. Do be aware of scams and rip-offs though, especially in Phuket.
Thai people in general are very courteous and friendly and will go out of their way to help you. But, never swear at them or insult the Monarchy, then you will find yourself in allot of trouble. Always speak slowly and quietly and never shout. Thai people wei allot. This when they place their hands together at about neck height and bow their heads slightly. This is a pure form of respect.
Overral, a good place to study and learn.
I hope this information is helpful to you ?
Chock dee krap or good fortune to you.
It depends where you live in Thailand if you live near big cities people might speak English but most definitely in Rural areas they won't understand English very much.
Most Thai people are friendly & will always try to help.
You should try to learn Thai many foreigners study in Thailand.
Yes just now there has been problems in Thailand & some places it hasn't touched.
Hi Nishanth,

Good that you like to study in thailand. like to know what you like to study.
Many indians are study here
Both collages away from city and cool to study and no matter of local language.

The nature of local people is very good, and cultural acpects are one of the best in asia.A day or a week wont give you a perfect view, once u stay and study here u learn much.


Hi Nishant,

Here is a great Thailand information site that can answer many of your questions.
Thailand is a very safe country. I live in Bangkok and even at the very worst of last week troubles I never considered myself as being in any danger. Now we have a very incompetent government that probably will lead to more trouble, but I don't expect this to impact every days life.

Not many Thai speak English, except in tourist or high education environment. If you plan to stay here for some time you should make the investment to learn Thai. Thai language basic is very complex (I mean the alphabet and the pronounciation), but once you have overcome this initial complexity, it is actually very simple.

Life here is extremely pleasant and unexspensive compare to "Western" world.
Greeting from Thailand, I live in the north east of Thailand ,this is one of the poorest areas of the country, Life is simple and easy for most people from other countries, the cost of living is cheap compared to Europe ect, the country people are very helpfull and kind, but you must allways remmember that you are a guest of their country and observe their culture, around this part of Thailand Khemen is spoken as a local language alongside Thai, not much English is understood in this part of the country.If you want to stay and learn Thai, you can apply for a student visa to learn the language.
Well, depends of what you want to study ...? what kind of degree do you expect to
be accepted as such abroad. Thailand is definitely not the craddle of (renowned) universities and studying. For the positive aspects refer to fellow Graham ....
Thailand...aspecially Chiangmai in the North is safe and a very good place to study.
The Thai is still friendly even after the political crisis live goes on. The Thai is getting more westernised and they forget about they're own culture sometimes. Just be who you are, be friendly...greet people with sawadee khrap and a smile and you make loads of friends here. I live in Chiangmai 2 years now and its great...I never want to leave here anymore

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