Do I need to bring a conversion adapter to plug-in a socket in Europe? What is it that I specifically need and where can I buy it?


Country: France


Yes adapters are required as the sockets are different. They can be bought at supermarkets, hardware stores and at departure lounges.
2 pin sockets are in use in France. You can get one at the port or airport departure lounge shops as you leave or in hardware shops or supermarkets in France
depending where you from !!??!? i can't even see in your profile but the volatge is 200V and for the plug you will need adpater if you are from, US, UK, SIngapore, India, Australia and maybe more...
Like the others have already mentined it, the sockets are different so you need to buy a special plug for France ( different also in UK); th ideal is an international plug with 4 different plugs.
But be also careful; your hairdrier may have a switch you must put on 220 volts, instead of 110 volts. If you only change the plug without doing a voltage conversion, your appliance is not gonna like that !!!! Computer cord have already a converter on them. Just read the intructions on your electrical device carefully.
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