Which are the best bars in Florence for university students to go out for some drinks? And where are they?


Region: Tuscany

Country: Italy


i'm sorry, but i only know the best bars or the bars for students in Perugia and in the others cities of Umbria....
I don't remember the name, but I can say u that this bar is located very next to santa croce square, probably in via de' Benci, going towards the river on your right side.
Have fun in Florence!
If you'd like id be happy to take you to these bars! There is a really nice bar called Slowly which is on the street between piazza republica and the fendi store. if u turn down the street fendi is on, and fendi is on your'll pass by YAB (a club) and keep on walking and the street dead ends at Slowly.It's less of an "american student" place. If you really want that you can go to the Fish Pub located right next to Mercato Centrale in that piazza behind it.There are plenty others. For only like 5euro a person, or less depending on the size of the group i can take you all! let me know!

I suggest you the following bar:

Enjoy your stay in Florence ;-)
Most university students (American) tend to got to all of the bars around Santa Croce ie: Red Garter, Moyo, Loch Ness. Otherwise the Fish Pub is famous for all American students (as mentioned above).
and how about the local people?which places do they prefer?
Thanks for writing!
Unfortunately Florence is located 350 miles northward from Ogliastro Cilento. You should have looked at a map: this would have spared yourself and other people a waste of time.
By the way I see that you have already had a good answer to your question! This is great!
I wish you a very good trip to Florence, then...just in case you got a map, in the meanwhile, come to visit Ogliastro Cilento and the Paestum Greek Temples Area!
Best regards
Roberto Pisani
Hi, I would recommend small restaurants with local crowd. Otherwise the San Lorenzo area has plenty of bars and local people.
Dolce Vita
Piazza del Carmine, 6r Phone 055 284 595.,and Shot Café
Via dei Pucci 5 Phone 055 282 093.,Cabiria
Piazza Santo Spirito Phone 055 215 732, Lungarno Vespucci , 22r Firenze - Florence
Ph. +39 055 23 96 700 |Official Website:
Your best bet is to go Oltrano, across the river, if you go down the street, you will find some nice wine bars and places for a good aperitivo. I did a study abroad there and I LOVED the florentine aperitivo!! Have fun!!
Boston-T on Viale Europa and Caffè la Torre in S.Niccolò area.

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