Does anybody know the most popular beach in Israel?


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While in Tel-Aviv look for the Hilton beach, while visiting the north look for "Dado" beach
both are the most popular ones
I don't know about THE MOST popular, but two of the more popular beaches (with both visitors and locals) are located adjacent to national park sites. This makes for a nice mix of learning and recreation, if one is so inclined.

One is at Caesarea, where you are swimming practically in the shadow of an architectural treasure: the Roman period high-level (arched) aqueduct which delivered water to the ancient city. If you're just doing the beach thing, I believe you can access this beach without paying the fee to enter the park itself. If you're really a "water person" there are other wet activities to be had (including a beach) inside the park. One is a unique self-guided underwater tour, by means of snorkeling or scuba-diving, of Caesarea's 1st century BCE harbor! URL:

The other is Ashkelon. Again, a mix of antiquities (a partially-excavated tel with remains from many periods) and recreational areas, with the beach located just outside the park. URL:
It is said that the Hilton beach (by the Hilton Hotel)in Tel Aviv is the most popular, and that Herzlia beach is the most exclusive. However, it all depends on where you are going to be in Israel as most beaches along the coast are beautiful and popular (very crowded)during the summer months.
It really depends on what part of Israel you are staying.
|Tel Aviv area - Hilton or Hertzlia beaches.
Further north you have Ceasearea (my favourite) and Achziv near the Lebanon border.
And then you have most of the beaches in Eilat - the Coral reef is my favourite).
Don't forget lots of sun-tan lotion - it is hot here.
you have a very good answers i have noting to add
umm.. I am not local, but I can tell you my favorite one is Carmel Beach in Haifa, is a relaxed place, you can do sports, rent a windsurf board... meet locals, is easy to get here by train, the train station is at the beach, from there you can take a sherut or bus and go to visit the Baha'i Gardens in 10 minutes... just remember they will requier modest dress.
While being in Tel Aviv, you may choose any one of the beaches along the Promenade "TAYELET". But to my opinion the best beach in Israel is the one in Nizanim. South to Ashdod and north to Ashkelon. Wonderful wild beach with all the facilities around.
Most popular to who? Families, youngsters, nodistic beach? popular to who - be more specific.
If you're looking for a nice beach shore with extreme activities, a wonderful view and a place to eat after that try the Hertzliya's beach shore. It's about 15 min driving from Tel aviv city.

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