How do i start my own! small agency!

Hello! my name is kithinji. Am thankful for your earlier response. it becomes had for one to get jobs in today economy. i would like to start my own tour and travel agency. i don't have any idea on what to do or where to start can you help.? i have only a small amount of capital and my degree in economics and finance thank you in advance!


Country: Kenya


consult far and wide so that you move to the right direction.
Hello Kithinji,
thanks for asking , what you might want to do is first register a bussiness name at the AG;s at Sheria house then once you have your bussiness name we can meet if your available for more.
You will only require less than 3000 Ksh to register
It is not a difficult thing to do.
wish you luck.

Hi Kithinji am here i have no funds too but i know i can help you with experience that i have since i have worked with Overland tour around africa so please give me a call let meet and reason 0720443798.. i will be wait while i say stay bless..
Thanks for getting back to me again,First of all,do you have enough Capital.If yes,please contact me directly,i will help you with tours and travel consultancy.
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Hi. It will depend.
1. Do you know anyone who has been serving for long in the industry?
2. How many recurring clients do you have where you work?
3. Have you networked with the hotels and introduced yourself?
4. Is your business name registered?

I would advice that you look back at your experience in the industry, network and try and bag atleast two corporate clients who will be able to pay your administration and basic running costs. Then work moving up.
Kithinji, hope your well...

I came across this and I believe it would be of help to you in answering if you could be able to run your own tourism business?

Six questions to help you decide:
1. Assess the risks; discuss your idea with friends, colleagues and relations. What have you done that proves you have the ability?
2. Is your motivation strong enough to survive? – examine your motives closely. If they are genuine they will help you.
3. The pressures of being self-employed are inescapable. You will probably work long hours and may well get into debt to finance the business. Do you have the confidence, energy and toughness to get through the difficult times?
4. It helps to have some management experience and the ability to adapt to the challenges of self employment. You will need to develop a variety of skills including business, leadership, selling and organisational skills. Are you the sort of person who can organise, plan ahead, manage your time and have the discipline to set and meet deadlines?
5. Does your personality fit the challenge? Self employed people are generally confident, good communicators, single minded, hard working and ambitious.
6. Does the future business have the backing of your partner or family? Ensure that your long term family commitments can accommodate the risks self employment can bring, especially in terms of income.

Seven tips for a successful start up:
1. Prepare for your new tourism business career. Research your market, take any training that will help and seek advice from as many people as possible before you take the plunge. There are local forums and networks available for you to discuss your plans and ideas.
2. Most lenders will want to see a properly drawn-up business plan; they want to know that their money is secure and will be repaid. Preparing the financial section of a business plan is more than numbers on paper.
3. Protect your new venture from both natural and man made disasters. Have the proper insurance to meet any eventuality, keep up to date on legislation and take professional advice.
4. Plan ahead. Planning allows you to concentrate on developing your own business along the right lines. It will help you spot problems before they overwhelm you.
5. Finance your new business properly. This doesn’t mean throwing in your entire life savings and hoping for the best, nor does it mean just asking your bank automatically for an overdraft. There are many ways of funding a tourism business.
6. Face your problems as they occur. Don’t hide your paperwork hoping it will go away – it won’t. Don’t let financial worries pile up – deal with them at once and talk to your lender; they want to support you and may be able to refinance your business if needed.
7. Have confidence in your business and grasp the opportunities. Create your own luck and plan for success.
To start a small you need first of all to register with the relevant authority like Government and Ministry of tourism also they offer a regulatory license and you will be in business, you can start by focusing in the local market which have proved to be lucrative.

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