CHEAP HOTELS/HOSTELS IN MONTANA, BULGARIA?? Hi, I'm planning to visit montana for the folk festival (sunday may 23rd-thursday may...

...26th). I am looking for a central, not expensive single room. Any suggestions welcome. If possible please let me have website address. Thank you, Linden


Country: Bulgaria


You can see hotels in Montana
- new good hotel
More hoteles you can find at
Hi, Linden
I think place you need is hotel Bulgari (two stars, 8 Slavyanska St.)
Sorry, there are no english page.
Price is for a room: 42 bulgarian leva (21 euro) - you may be single, two or tree people.
This is the cheapest hotel in Montana I know, and there are no hostels (or I don't know about hostels).
Phone for reservations is +359 886 886 022 and mail:
Other Montana hotels you may choose:
(also only Bulgarian :(
Good luck and welcome!
Thank you. I am no at Hotel Bulgari! - very good hotel, staff and food.
Hello I live far a way from Montana but by Internet I found one interesting place and I am sure that you will feel there very nice
This is an Internet address this is a hotel and tavern wich call BULGARY

all my regards
Thank you. I am no at Hotel Bulgari! - very good hotel, staff and food.
To feel the real folk you need to sleep with the sheeps and try the cheese my friend
Hello Linden

We have stayed in this hotel and found it very good if you are travelling single they have rooms for 1 person in high summer season it is 22 euros the link to the website is as follows
If you require cheaper accommodation ask in the local bars and restaurants when you arrive for rooms to rent in also many Bulgarian family's rent rooms at very low prices if you do not speak Bulgarian take a pocket book translator with you I did this many times when I first was in Bulgaria 7 years ago and found very low price accommodation with good service.
Enjoy the festival also if your into Bulgarian festivals the best one without doubt is the Jeravna traditional festival the 3rd weekend in August people from all over the world attend and you must wear traditional costume to attend.

Regards Glyn & Minka
Thank you. I am no at Hotel Bulgari! - very good hotel, staff and food.

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