Calling Singapore from India

Hello, I am now in India and I need to call someone who is now in Singapore. Can you suggest what call card I will use that has the cheapest rates?


Country: Singapore


That would depend on your telephone company. Check with your local telcos to see which ones offer the cheapest rates. On the receiver's end, it makes no difference where you're calling from, they will still have to pay the charges set by their telco here in Singapore.
There's loads of call cards that offers cheap rates, such as phoenix? And many others, the banglahdeshi and chinas uses them to call back from Singapore.

How about Skype call? It's cheap too,compare among the above mentioned and i believe you'll source out cheap deals.
Try using skype if you have a microphone attached to your computer. It costs around AUD$0.03 per minute to make a call to Singapore
Hi Winnie, that depends on the operator in India. Usually when you make a call from India, you are using the operator from there and diff operator charges differently. Eg in Singapore, M1 is well sought for making overseas call. You might want to check with the locals there. Hope this helps.
Hi Winnie,

I am not sure whether any of the other answers have been able to answer your question or not. But then, this is a question that you'd probably ask someone in India, correct?!

Anyway, since I get a lot of calls from India, and that too for FREE!!, I thought I'd share that with you.

This is how my friends and family in India call me here in Singapore for FREE -

1) Goto
2) Download and install the DialPad Program on your computer
3) Create an account and log in to it and buy credits worth US $10 (This is a one time investment)
4) Using the program on your computer, dial any landline or handphone number in Singapore or any other country in the world.
5) Phone call to following countries are ABSOLUTELY FREE - Singapore, Australia, UK, USA, Canada etc.
6) Enjoy!

Hope that helps...
Reliance international calling card is best in term of reliability and value for the buck:)
check out pre paid cards like Singtel / M1 or buy thoese international calling cards too.. is cheaper.. never use 001 to call
Any Calling Card would be costly then calling through SKYPE after purchasing Credits on if for making Calls on it to Phone Nos. in Singapore.

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