Can I buy a prepaid mobile-phone chip/card that I can insert into my mobile phone? I will be arriving in Liberia airport for 1 week...

...vacation and want to have a mobile phone with me with a local number.


Country: Costa Rica


No I´m sorry sir but right now that service is not available in our country, but it will be available in like in 6 months.
Yes, Unfurtunetly that service is not yet available in our country... But you can actually get to rent a cell phone.
is one of some companys that will provide the service, you might like to check on their rates and compare with other!! hope this will help you, have fun and if you dedice to study spanish check on
Pura Vida
In the other hand, if you want to have cell phone service available, our local (estate company) of telephony has the roaming service. You can request to your local service provider if the they also have roaming service in Costa Rica, If so, you can use it here.
I agree with them! The best recomendation is to rent a cell phone!! So in the case that you loose it, won´t be a problem! You can make internacional calls. There are some companies that rent thoose cell phones. Good Luck! If you need number i can get them for you!
Nop thats still not posible in here, but you can rent a cellphone, there are a some companies providing that service, but they all have pretty much the same rates and since you are staying for one week it would not be so bad. Plus you will forget about it once you are in peacefull nature.
If you are from US, ofen your phone work here in Costa Rica, but there many other way to communicate, if you have a laptop there a lot of wireless so you can use Skype, also you can buy telephone card 199 or when you rent a car often the give you a cel with the rent

Seems many people have already provided the answer for you... you're not able to use your own cell phone but you may be able to rent one from a few different places. I've checked out the website recommended by someone below and found that you can arrange to have the company meet you at the Liberia airport with a TDMA phone. They have 4 calling plans to choose from with 3 out of the 4 including international calling. Their FAQ section has a lot of information and may even allow you to rent a chip to be able to use your own unlocked phone...

Best of luck and have a happy adventure!
Yes! This service is not available right now but it can help you

Olman Arce
They right...
In Costa Rica mobile's phone prepay chips are dificul to buy. Is better to rent a phone, you can do that with some renta car companies in Liberia.
As they said before unfortunately that service is not yet available, but you can request it to your local service provider if they have roaming service in Costa Rica. Another option will be to rent a mobile-phone using one of the companies mentioned above.

You cannot buy a prepaid mobile phone chip yet from our local phone provider ().

You can rent a a cellular phone though. Here is one company that provides the service:

. You can also call them toll free at:
1-866-353-6492 or 1-800-372-3183 from the US or Canada. They can either send you the cell phone to your US address or to your CR address.

Buena suerte!
Further to what the others have suggested, the following link provides a list of the countries that can use roaming service in Costa Rica. Good luck
Honestly, that service is not available for Costa Rica now, and Liberia is a little bit so far from San Jose, where some people rent their own cellphones for visitors (No recommended, sometimes is expensive)

But I suggest To talk with you tourist Guide and ask about if he can get you a cellphone for some days for receive international Calls and make Only local calls.

You can Get Prepaid Card for Make International Calls by $10 Dollars , Colibri Card. and you can use it for calls to any place in the word.

Other options is use Internet Rooms at hotels and public Internets Rooms. God Bless Skype.

Have a nice Trip and Always Welcome.
unfortunately that services its not available, what you can do its rent a cell phone and give it to family and friends in case they want to call you.
We don´t have that kind of service here, im sorry.
prepaid sim cards can be bough now, most of time theres no chips available; but, if you are rentin a car, some companies could provide that as an extra for your car rental. if you wanna try the prepaid system, phone company doesnt provides the phone so u might have to bring one(make sure its unlocked)
No worries about that for 2 reasons:
1) what others already said THERE'S NO SUCH SERVICE.
2) the actual service only works in major cities near Liberia, but not so well on the least you are on the ocean sailing all day long...

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