I have been a student for four years. i have little traveling experience. a would wish some day to run my own tour and travel agency....

...can anyone give me the tips,?


Country: Kenya


Well here's some free advice, chose a theme that travellers are interested in and what you're passionate about and then develop it and think about how the traveller would benefit. What is the niche market you are targeting? What services would you provide? What unique experience would they have? Then start small and advertise yourself in mass media (Carefully!) Don't choose any mass media, there are some which are better than others. What is marketing strategy? Who are you trying to target and not trying to target? Each segment of the market caters for a specific clientèle with needs and expectations. Plan plan plan and chose carefully. Be customer orientation. Always keep the customer in mind. They're referrals will be your biggest customers. What sets you apart?

I hope this helps, and wish you all the best! :)

thank you very much for your advise.
having little capital and knowledge of the industry.which is the best market target for international tourism? and what a the key requirements?
here is some more advice capital is very important have enough money to back you before you get stable and never give up be ready for mistakes but learn from them,correct them and move on. GOOD LUCK
You doing okay so far.One of the areas you can uncover hidden niche markets at little or no cost to yourself is the internet through search marketing.It is also good though not a must to have a web page or site to land enquiries that you intercept through search engines.Also note a website on its own will not land you any business.So invest in learning how to research web enquiries and how to intercept them for your selected niches and convert them into customers.
The best thing for you is to first look for a job in a tour & Travel company, get the real experience. Here you'll have a chance to travel alot to various destinations, interact with different people with different views and idiologies and after this you'll be in a position to move forward. We learn from people as iron sharpens a knife.

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