Where in Portugal can I find a store/company that sells or manufactures digital calipers, micrometers, inicators and gages?


Country: Portugal


that is certainly the most orginal travel question I am sorry cant find any in portugal loads in china that import though
I too am sorry not to be able to reply.
Try your local Yellow Pages and check with any Company that does it if they know. Or google it under Micrometers Portugal.
Sorry, that's as far as I can go.
Hope you succeed

There are a few shops of course, but the first option in the region of Lisbon, for that kind of materials is always a shop called DIMOFEL, available online at

Yes, its an original question, and I can make it an even more original tour.
If you want we can craft a tour to Dimofel and other similar shops. We are specialized in providing alternative" tours and this one is surely "alternative" :)

You can maybe look in here:

Good luck
You will mainly find importers/distributors in Portugal. You can find a bunch of these equipments at Wurth Portugal (). There are almost everywhere in the country, to find the local distributor, call the headquarters at (+351) 219 157 200.
You have many others you can easyly find in the net such as Manutan (), check also () and ().
Try this one they sell precision equipment.

Please try this link


Look for "ferramentas de precisão" in or .
Good Luck
Apologies for the late response I have been working away. Try they import and export and can guide you. Hope this helps
that was a hard one,
but i found a company that sells them, the problem or ot,
is that i think they only sell online.maybe it you translate the page on google translator u be able to understand.anyway heres the link.....

All the best
hope that could help you:

Eurocunhos - Ferramentas e Mecânica de Precisão, Lda.R. Condado Vale de Lobos, ALMARGEM DO BISPO, LISBOA 2715-000
Tel: 219677800

Falex - Equipamentos e Serviços Lda.Pctª.
Gil Vicente Lt. 71-B,3º-D São João do Estoril, ESTORIL, Lisboa 2765-484 Tel: 214672546 f: 214672546

Deltech Control - Comércio de Instrumentos de Precisão, Lda.
Av. Cid Maringá Arcadas D.João III, 1º - lj 31 Leiria, LEIRIA, LEIRIA 2400-118 Tel: 244837202

Mário J Magalhães Ferreira
Vista Alegre Vista Alegre, PAREDES DE VIADORES, PORTO 4630-451 Tel: 255531161 f: 255531161

Fernanda Antonieta Sousa Santos, Sociedade Unipessoal Lda.
Gateiras de Santo António Gateiras de Santo António, TORRES NOVAS, Santarém 2350-624
Tel: 249826904 f: 249826904

Manuel Henriques Matos Gomes, Lda.
Pdª S.Macário Arrifana, SÃO MIGUEL DO RIO TORTO, SANTARÉM 2205-471 Tel: 241360050

Joaquim Sousa Martins, Lda.
Tv. Areosa 191-E Maia, MAIA, Porto 4475-678
Tel: 229442715

Fernando L B Garcia CostaR. Rui Sequeira 72 - r/c Cascais, CASCAIS, LISBOA 2750-190
Tel: 214868080

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