Are there mosquitos and or other biting insects in Cape town. My daughter is going to be studying at University Cape town and is...

...highly allergic to mosquitos and other biting insect bites. Please advise on this subject.


Country: South Africa


Yes there are mosquitos and some fleas and ticks. Best to use mosquito repelent and check your pants, socks for ticks after a hike in the bush. Also be careful for some spiders that are poisenous like the black widow.
Actually the Black Widow is the least of the Arachnid problems as it is not that common in suburban areas. The Brown Widow is a more likely but not lethal contender but the Sack Spider is the one to be on the lookout for. It is very common in urban environments and it's bite can lead to quite serious tissue damage if not treated properly and promptly.
There are mosquitoes and biting insects. Consult with a medical doctor for precautionary measures.
Yes there are Mosquitoes in Cape Town but as far as is known they do not carry any of the tropical diseases such as Malaria. Because of the large number of well watered gardens and lawns there are also several species of stinging/biting midges. These midges are normally only active for a short period before and after sunset.
Like in most countries there are mosquitoes in Cape Town as well. This is however no different in quantity or severity than most other countries. There is sometimes a percpetion that South Africa is a wild and untamed place like some remote areas in Africa. You will find that Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city with a European feel. The chances of getting bitten are therefore still a possibility but very slim. I would however take precautions not to get bitten if yoiu venture into the wildlife areas. There is however no Malaria in Cape Town. You will only find malaria in the for north eastern parts of our country. Unlike other respondents I would not go to the effort to consult a doctor unless you have a severe allergy.

If someone had to answer this question about going to Australia they could answer by saying watch out for the box jellyfish and tipan. Hope this puts it in perspective.
There is advice is to be cautious. Cape town definately has mosquitos and biting insects, and one rather has to be safe than sorry, Visit to your doctor for precausionay measures that are to be implemented A visit to your pharmacist will also enable you to be protected, there are all sorts of devices and measures that will ensure you are protected and enable you to have a peace of mind, happy and safe stay in Cape Town and concentrate in making happy memories

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