Which restaurants would you recommend at Nairobi?

Hello,I travel to Nairobi often,would like to know what good restaurants are there. What are your recommendations?


Country: Kenya


Hey Videogirl, there are lots of nice and fancy restaurants in Nairobi, in the CBD(Central Business District), there are 5 star hotels like the Stanley, Laico Regency Hotel also known as Grand Regency Hotel, Norfolk Hotel and if you fancy Italian food, then you can try the Trattoria Ristorante. A few minutes from the CBD there's the famous Carnivore Restaurant where you can get the best food in town, they also got game meat and the best music thyme nights.
Hi Videogirl,
There is a number of restaurants in Nairobi for your case. I just picked the best for you. Feel welcome to Nairobi. You can pick on the one that fits your needs as far as restaurants are concerned.

1. Carnivore Restaurant

The carnivore restaurant is simply the best restaurant in Nairobi. Located 10 minutes form the city centre and next to the Nairobi national park, the restaurant offers a spectacular roast meat feast with the finest selection of venison, meats and poultry. As much as you can eat.

2. The Tamarind Nairobi

This is the only real sea food restaurant in Nairobi. The sea food is flown daily from the coast and meals here are always a fete to remember. It has a business class ambience and ideal for business meetings. It is located in National Bank Building within the central Business district and surrounded by government offices.

3. Tamambo Bar and Grill

This restaurant is located in Westlands area; 10 minutes form the CBD and is a popular joint for raving. It has a very aerated and sunny ambience and offers both Mediterranean and African cuisine.

4. Haandi Restaurant

The Haandi restaurants include 2 main facilities. One of the restaurants is located in Capital centre shopping mall along Mombasa road and the other in the mall at westlands. This Nairobi restaurant offers exceedingly good North Indian cuisine. The Haandi capital centre offers easy access to central business district, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and industrial area. The restaurant also offers perfect executive business conference, meeting and banquet venues.

There are other many more restaurants in Nairobi area and Mombasa that offer African, Mediterranean, Chinese, Italian cuisines. All you will need to do is enquire from your operator for them to be able to fix dinner schedules in your itinerary. Wine and dine.
There are quite a number but again depends with your style;
I would recommend Carnivore, along langata road, klub house along ojijo road and baricho road if you are a party lover.
For cool and less noisy place you need to visit village market ,Hilton,Serena,intercontinental or Norfolk all classified as 5 star.
Or ask me about other joints where you'll eat,socialize and do what we do in Nairobi.
These are some of the best restaurant you can visit while you are in Kenya:
- Nyama Choma Ranch at Safari Park Hotel along Thika Road approx 20 mins drive from city centre. Offers a spectacular perfomance every evening
- The Carnivore Restaurant near Wilson Airport about 15 mins drive from city centre. Offers a variety of dishes roasted over an open fire; camel, crocodile, ostrich and other local cuisines
- Mamba village located in Karen approx 20 mins drive from the city centre. Offers crodile and ostritch meat and gives you chance to view live crocodiles in pods around the facility
- Rangers restaurant located at the Nairobi Naitonal park main gate al carte menus are served
I would recommend a few restaurants on the basis of service type and its origin. For Italian, Mediterranno Ristorante in Westlands, for Indian you can check Haandi at the Mall Westlands, The Antonios Grill on Kaunda street and if you want to move a little bit further from town you can try Carnivore restaurant, The Rangers restaurant at the Nairobi national park entrance or the Karen Blixen Garden restaurant on Lang'ta road.
I'll give you a list of some of my favourite restaurants, which means that they're most likely cheap, cheerful, tasty, and don't give you food poisoning (in my experience). It also means I'm not going to tell you about the popular touristy restaurants. If you want to go to Carnivore, you can, but be warned, it's touristy and expensive.
I'll list the restaurants by region/type of food:
Dillu's Kitchen, Camp David, behind Chevron Plaza
Aangan, Rhapta Road
Open House, Westlands Roundabout (opposite The Mall)
Diamond Plaza Food Court, Highridge
Parklands Sports Club Bandas Restaurant
Spice Roots, Bandari Road
Shamura's, Chiromo Lane
Bombay Chowpaty, inside Diamond plaza

Italian/European Continental:
Mediterraneo (ok, so this isn't super cheap, but most italian places here aren't) Woodvale Grove, Westlands
La Dolce Vita, Muthaiga shopping centre.
La Salumeria, valley Arcade
Pomodoro, Village Market
German Point, Village Market
Kentmere Club, Tigoni
There are a few others, whose names I can't remember at the moment.

Antonio's, Kaunda street, downtown.
Roaster's, Thika Road
Olepolos Country Club, Magadi Road, Ngong Hills (only opened on weekends and public holidays)
Maggie's, Kenol Petrol Station, Gigiri

Japanese/oriental (again, there's no cheap japanese restaurants)
Safari Park Hotel Japanese Restaurant, Thika Road
Misono, Lenana Road
There are literally hundreds of quality Chinese restaurants all over Nairobi. They're owned by Chinese and Chinese people eat there, so you know they're good and cheap. They're too numerous to even bother trying to list.

Ethiopian (a must-have while you're here):
Habesha, Elgeyo Marakwet road, Hurlingham
Awaash, golf course estate, off Ngong road (my first choice)
Daas, Woodvale Grove, Westlands

There are so many good restaurants of all types in Nairobi. So don't waste your time with places like the Carnivore, if you're looking for quality food at a good price. Branch out!
Hi, I eat out a lot in Nairobi. What are you looking for? In my opinion the best restaurant in town is Furusato - Japanese in Westlands, its excellent. Tamambo is also good, La Salumeria is an Italian in Lavington, Mediterraneo at the Junction is good as well.
I highly recommend Nairobi Serena, Sarova Stanley, or for sea food; Trattoria all of which are within the City CBD
There are too many good ones.We have The Stanley,Serena Hotel,Laico Regency Hotel,The Hilton,InterCon,all within Nairobi.Hope you have fun and enjoy yourself.Cheers
The Carnivore is a once-only tourist experience. Though they have great parties in the weekends, frequented by many locals.
Other places? That depends on where you stay, how far you want to travel for a restaurant and what your budget is. The Saturday magazine of The Daily Nation newspaper has a weekly restaurant review - very entertainingly written, and it can give you some new ideas.
Hi, now that everyone else has given you the obvious places to go to, let me introduce you to the lastest rave in town: the Pampa Group of Restaurants.

1. Pampa Churrascaria (1st floor Panari Sky Center - Mombasa Road. email:)

The leading Brazilian Steakhouse in East Africa. Pampa Churrascaria has an impeccable aura of the Pampas of South Brazil. From an intimate lunch or dinner for 2 to a lavish reception of 300 people. Pampa is a haven for meat lovers and vegeterians alike. It encompasses an authentic Brazilian rotisserie steakhouse. They provide customers with excellent Rodizion Service (eat as much as you can)in a charming high-energy ambience. It embraces a variety of different cuts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken; game meats such as crocodile, camel, guinea fowl and ostrich. In addition diners can choose from more than 25 different kinds of salads including hot and cold vegetables, cold cuts, 4 types of hot dishes at their leisure from the salad bar.

The restaurant can accommodate up to 350 guests for cocktails.

2. Al Pasha Coffee Lounge & Bar (2nd floor Panari Sky Center, Mombasa Road: Tel: +254 (020) 3517436)

Al Pasha offers an assorted mix of exciting coffee, wonderful food, superb selection of wines, cocktails and shisha flavors for shisha lovers in a great atmosphere, all set in beautiful surroundings overlooking the Nairobi National Park.

3. Pampa at Savana (Namanga Road, Kitengela Town: Tel: +254 (045) 22163/26524)

Explore a new conceptual South Brazilian way of meat preparation where Brazil meets Kenya. Pampa at Savana is an ideal place for weekend getaways and it is a great place to spend time with the family.

Pampa at Savana is a haven for meat lovers and vegetarians alike; it encompasses an authentic Brazilian rotisserie steakhouse, Kenya nyama choma, Mediterranean restaurant Al Pasha which will also offer Indian cuisine. They have a swimming pool, children's play ground, DSTV (cable television) and cottages.

From an intimate dinner for 2 to a lavish reception of 350 to 1000 people in the garden, Pampa at Savana will surely make your experience unforgettable.

Enjoy the Pampa Group of Restaurants Experience!
I have eaten at Tamambo in Westlands,CarniVore near the Wilson Airport these are upmarket but very good food and Friday on Loita Street is for quick and fiiling meals
I recommend Carnivore Restaurant a long Langata road, it is one of the best local cuisine.
Hello There the Restuarant i would recomend in Nairobi depends on how much a Client is willing to go deep in his or her pocket ....the higher price the nice comfortable restuarants you will have to get
Creamy Inn,
and many more...
I'd highly recommend the Carnivore Restaurant just 15 minutes off the city centre. its next to the national park. since you want to travel as a local, this is the best place to find the young, the young at heart and the fun lovers of Nairobi city.
Nairobi Java House, Mediterranean,
hi videogal,
Next time you visit try RICKSHAW restaurant just next to hooters.
I would also recommend some nice cuisine and very atmosphee restaurants like Talisman in Karen, indo fusion cooking, charming set ups very exclusive.
The newly open Karen Country Lodge on Warai South road in Karen, a must on their thursday evening, food is a dream and price is not a nightmare !! Good mix of people.
There is also The moon flower, at Palacina hotel, very nice dishes, not cheap but sometimes it is good for a treat.
Bon Appetit !
Carnivore and Tamarind..
Both are award winning Restaurants...
there are several places in Nairobi you can get good restuarants and probably very cheap: for instance the safari park, the stanley, six eighty and carnivore. its great to have you in Nairobi welcome
We have so many hotels like Laico Regency Hotel,Hotel Hilton,Intercontinental,Serena,The Stanley,and a littl bit of town and very resplendent is The Norfolk hotel.Enjoya ya stay.Cheers
there are some of the best restaurant you can visit while you are in Kenya:thye include,the stanely,canivore,serena,680,laico regency
Safari Park Hotel approx 20 mins drive from city centre.
- The Carnivore Restaurant near Wilson Airport about 15 mins drive from city centre. Offers a variety of dishes roasted over an open fire; camel, crocodile, ostrich and other local cuisines
- Mamba village located in Karen approx 20 mins drive from the city centre.
- Rangers restaurant located at the Nairobi Naitonal park main gate al carte menus are served
This will graetly depend on youyr budget and likes. If you would furnish with more info on your likes and dislikes and budget range it would be more easy to advise you on the same
Hi. I highly recommend the following places where I have personally enjoyed the most tantalizing culinary experiences;
Open House located in Karen Shopping center
Osteria which is an Italian restaurant located a few hundred metres from Karen Shopping center.
Talisman which is also located a few hundred meters from Karen Shopping Center.
The Tamarind is a must especially if you like Sea Food.
Haandi restaurant in Westlands The Mall Has great Indian cuisine.
Maditerraneo located at The Junction Mall as well as in Westlands has great food as well.

Tamambo in westlands The Mall is also quite good.
The Nairobi Serena, buffet is fantastic!

I also recommend Divinos in Hurlingham and Rudy's which is also in Hurlingham and has excellent Swiss/French cuisine.
You should also give Ethiopian Delicacy a try. Habesha restaurant in the Central Business District and in Hurlingham are quite good. Daas Restaurant is also quite good. i recommend the Kwot.

I also must recommend the carnivore for the most amazing meat eating experience ever which includes eating ostrich and crocodile. Remember, don't put the flag down before you are absolutely sure you can't eat anymore!

I also recommend Java Coffee Houses, they make a mean pepper steak!

Last but not Least, you can have a great eating experience at the Village market where there are different restaurants that serve different tasty cuisines.

I feel i must also recommend that for kicks, you could try the best burgers in town from Burger Hut (it might not be fancy but they sure do throw down one mean burger!), the Carnivore burger as well as a burger from Choices Bar and Restaurant on Baricho Road.
Have a tasty experience, won't you?

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