Will be in Jerusalem 3 days in early June. Want good places to eat and suggestions of what to do on a Saturday.


Country: Israel


Lots to do on a Saturday in Jerusalem (listed in no particular order):

1) Israel Museum
2) Tower of David Museum
3) Time Elevator
4) Biblical Zoo
5) Old City (shops & eateries in the Jewish Quarter are closed but you can certainly stroll around there on Shabbat)
6) more...

Jerusalem has tons of restaurants to satisfy any palate. When you get to your hotel, ask at the reception for a booklet called "Jerusalem Menus" which will give you a sample of what's available. From American fast food to Ethiopian traditional fare to French cuisine to felafel and more, more, more! And many restaurants are open on Shabbat, downtown and in the Old City.

Have a GREAT visit!
There are many things to do on Saturday:
Going to Ein-Karem a beautiful country side of Jerusalem
Visiting the Old city-everything is open there
Going to the Biblical Zoo which is a unique place for it'self
Israel Museum including the Dead Sea Scrolls
Visiting the beautiful neighborhood called "Nahlaot" a unique observation of Jewish life
If you like dancing there is a Salsa club in Shabbat evening which is called Elbaz Dance studio on Hauman street number 9
Many restaurants open on Shabbat in the old city

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