best place to visit

especially in the rift valley


Province: Rift Valley

Country: Kenya


Rift valley has the best natural sceneries one could imagine let me start with the recent camp i went last weeked to L.Bogoria it was out of this world u experience natural sauna where u enjoy bathing in hot steam n during the nights u can swim under moon in a natural heated spur while watching the star u cannot imagine the fun
Try lake Naivasha hotels,nakuru or Masai Mara.
Being a tour operator - Victoria Safaris' CEO, I advice that you visit - Lake Naivasha and Hell's Gate National park, Lake Nakuru national park, Lake Bogoria and Lake Baringo. You will then cross to Eldoret passing the floor of the rift valley from Kabarnet offering a fascinating scenery. you can use the same order and we can prepare for you an itinerary once we know the dates and days you want to take on this tour.
try masai mara lodges like mara sopa kilaguni mara serena
Lake Naivasha, Gilgil and The Old Road to Nyahururu, also The Mara............. Ol Kejuado, Ol Lalunga, Ol Latunga, Ol Mesuti
the best places to visit in rift valley would be Hell's gate national park, it the best in the area with the widest variety of animals, also lakes like nakuru, naivasha and bogoria where there are beautiful sites of flamingos, hot water springs and crater lakes.
in the riftvalley u can visit lake baringo,its a nice place to b i was there myself sometime back and lake nakuru too,u can visit fisherman's arms in Naivasha av ebee there too,u can mail me on; for more details,wish u well in ur visits ...welcome .
the best place to visit is iloipolos the place is not far from Nairobi making it easly accesible.
Its a cool place with a nice view
Try Kigio Wildlife Camp or Malewa Wildlife Lodge, Lake Baringo, Lake Bogoria, Samatian Island Lodge... and of course there is Maasai Mara...
Stay at Rift Valley's best kept secret: Malewa Lodge & Game Sanctuary.

Situated on the banks of the Malewa River, and now within the boundaries of a magnificent Wildlife Conservancy, the Malewa Ranch House has been renovated to fit in with the comforts of the 20th century with 5 very comfortable bedrooms (Five bedrooms sharing 3 bathrooms) and a very spacious veranda.

In the beautiful gardens that extend to the river, a windmill works away lifting water from the well, whilst birdsong can be heard in the treetops until dusk, when the old-fashioned 'Lister' generator cuts in to provide lighting until you retire to bed. Then the distant nocturnal sounds of the Hyena and Leopard take over and remind you that you are indeed still in 'Old Africa'.

Rates include Full Board accommodation (all meals plus accommodation); game drives; all activities (walking with the wildlife; horse riding; nature walks; swimming; mountain biking; fly-fishing) and all drinks except champagne.

Idea for 2 people (minimum) to a group of 10 people (maximum).
The Lake Nakuru National Park is world famous for the pink flamingos which number thousands upon thousands. The rare black rhino, the white rhino and many other wild animals can also be found here. There is a very high chance of seeing the nocturnal and very elusive leopard.
depending on the budget there are various good scenes that i would recommend.
that includes: lake bogoria and lake baringo, combined.
lake nakuru national park, combine with menengai crater, hyrax hill and mt.longonot.all in one package.
lake naivasha and its surrounding, combined.
now that i have outlined the best scenes, choose one package that we can concentrate with.
rift valley is one of the best place to visit in Kenya. It hosts the major and renowned game parks and reserves. The Maasai Mara'Lake Nakuru National park, Lake Bogoria national park among others. There are good lodges to stay. please feel free to visit our website: for the safari packages and attractions in rift valley
Hi Elkana iyamu nee!!! maasai mara is the best for wildlife expirience and offcourse the rift valley has a lot to offer thing of lake nakuru, naivasha but if you are up to animals come to the mara you can be in the maasai mara national reserve, or the conservation area, at the moment the best game viewing area in the all of maasai mara is the northern part that is lemek and koyiaki conservation area, the a comodation or the camps around this place are , saruni, serian , mara royal, elephant pepper, richard camp, and karen blixen, staying in all of this places you still has an acess to the main reserve, it might not be good idea to stay in the reserve couse most of the plain is empty untill the migration come from the serengeti around june/july.

I Work for WildRush Adventures - Rift valley has some of the best scenic places you can ever visit. If you want a days trip,you have Mt. longonot,L.Naivasha, Hells gate National park where you can do some rock climbing and Nakuru National park, alternatively you can take a few days trip and combine this with L. Bogoria,Masai Mara,this way you will have the best of rift Valley. All in all Kenys has alot to offer to nature lovers!!!!!
If you are a person who loves animals i would recomend Maasai Mara or Nakuru National Park. If you love hikong Mt. Longonot, Hells gate. You can also do boat riding in Lake Nakuru, Naivasha,.
You can also do camping in Naivasha in camps such as Fisher mans camp.
the good places to visit is hell gate there you wont believe you it
contact me on my email n will give u full sites and fine placecs to or
The answer to your question really depends on what your interests are...
... gamedriving / game reserve visit: Masai Mara is top, but Hell's Gate & Lake Nakuru are also well worth visiting
... game biking: visit Hell's Gate by mountainbike
... game walking: again Hell's Gate or the much lesser known Crater Lake, both located at Lake Naivasha
... bird watching: Lake Bogoria, Lake Naivasha, Lake Baringo, Lake Nakuru National Park
... flamingos: usually (though this differs) Lake Nakuru, Lake Bogoria, Lake Baringo, Lake Elementeita
... natural geysers: Lake Bogoria
... boat trip: Lake Naivasha, Lake Baringo
... trekking / climbing / cave visit: many places in the Rift
... high altitude athletes training: Eldoret & environs.

In short: the Rift Valley is enormous & the possible activities are endless. Should you want to make a detailed tailor made plan, I will be happy to assist you.
the great rift valley lodge would be a good place to stay and for good exercise the hells gate is a definate YES
Hells Gate national park, Lake baringo, Lake Bogoria,Lake naivasha, crater lake Game sanctuary,Elsamere Conservation Center,Mount Longonot National Park, Mount Suswa, Hyrax Hill Prehistoric Site, Lake Elmenteita, Lake Nakuru National Park, Menengai Crater, Olorgesailie, Subukia Valley and finally maasai mara
The best place to visit in rifyvalley would be Amboseli National park- greatest view of mount kilimanjaro and longest recorded elephants in the world.
Naivasha has sopa lodge,simba,Panorama,crayfish camp(4 camping) n Green park.If you want a nice game drive Mara is great....Ballooning and game drive Elementaita Lodge is great.
The best place to visit in the Rift valley is the Masai Mara, Right now the grass is dry and the game viewing is amazing. You can also go up the western rift to the Aberdares and check out the waterfalls and mountain scenery.
Is masai mara found in rift valley circult?

the question was "the best place to visit ESPECIALLY in RV" i think its open to all parts
so many to see, lake Naivasha and Crescent island, very nice to walk with the animals, lake Nakuru is great with the rhinos. Bogoria and Baringo with hundreds of differents birds, there is also Mt Logonot if you like mountain climbing, you should be at the peak in one and half hour !
To start with if you are in Nairobi you will have to take the Mai Mahiu road to view the escarpment.From there you can visit lake naivasha(clayfish camp)if you like camping,visit lake Nakuru for flamingo watching,visit lake bogoria to view hot springs.
The best place to visit is Hells gate There is aplenty of wild life,Stone age caves,Hotspring, mountain climbing not to forget the best camping sites while riding cycle all around the park
The rift Valley is a rich touristic, destination with plenty to see and enjoy. The great rift valley that runs from Egypt to Mozambique at large is a marvel and a Gods miracle. The rift valley in Kenya offers good touristic attractions including ; the Hells Gate national park, Lake Naivasha and Naivasha town, Lake naukuru national park, Lake boboria and lake baringo and so many other places considered as off the beaten track destinations, where excellent trekking can be done. In Tanzania the Lake Manyara where lions doze on tree branches, a game drive can be combined with boat rides after which you can head to Ngorongoro and Serengeti. for an affordable package let me help you planning a trip if you dont mind.
Lucas is a Safari consultant for the East Africa Region with Kilele Afrika(Scalig the heights Exploring the wild!). email;
Rift valley is the craddle of mankind. the rift valley has the greatest collection of both saline and non-saline lakes in all of kenya. its also the greatest water catchment in kenya being the source of many rivers. the geography of the rift is extremely amazing. areas to visit will therefore be; lakes bogoria, baringo, nakuru, Turkana, elementaita. go down south to olengesailles and lake magadi. try hyrax hills in nakuru. in eldoret and vicity try iten and yampach for the best view of Kerio valley. try nandi hills for best views of the amazing undulating topology.
Rift valley circult is the best place to visit, here you can enjoy birds watching and also the boat riding.The lodges offers the best accomodation services.Lake Nakuru is one of the best site in rift valley,there you may be lucky to see some of the big five, the millions of flamingos.Lake Bogoria is also in rift valley where you can have the boat riding and also watching different species of birds.
you can visit Lake Nakuru or Naivasha for a night and then visit Masai Mara for two nights.
See the caves and the crater at Mt. Suswa. Climb Mt. Longonot. Get to Olorgasailie (cradle of mankind) and Lake Magadi from the Ngong hills. Forget Lake Naivasha. Its a horrible place, overrun by greedy flower farms that suck up all the water from the lake and put back sludge. The flower farms employ many many people, but keep them at a dead level status where they cannot rise through the ranks. Everything good at Lake Naivasha can be found at the other Rift valley lakes. If you've got time, get up to Baringo and Bogoria. Get to the Kerio valley near Kabarnet. The views there are breathtaking.
Get down to Tanzania, to see Ol Donyo Lengai, a still very active volcano, surrounded by surreal landscapes and Soda lakes. Lake Nakuru is a sure place to see game, but its also a sure place to be surrounded by loud tourists in whit mini-vans who don't care much whether the disrupt the natural activities of the wildlife. All they want is a good photograph to take home to their friends, and they'll do almost anything to get it. It's a shame and you might as well go to a European zoo if that's your mentality.
Lake Bogoria, Baringo, Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara are the best places to visit.

The best place to Visit is Mombasa and extends to Malindi and to Lamu as you learn the History of East african Coast ,well Kenya has got different species of Tropical Birds too that you can also View in the Rift Valley and also Vast wilderness with tropical wild animals stay in touch Ronny
Riftvalley takes everything you may need from gameparks to kakes,landscapes,namethem...examples of places to visit depending on your wishes include..masai-mara,lake nakuru,lake baringo,lake naivasha,lake turkana,menengai crater...
The whole region of Rift Valley is one of the best places to visit.
Naivasha, Nakuru, Bogoria,Masai Mara,
There is a new place overlooking lake elementaita called sunbird hotel. Its beautiful, try it. Also try kerio view in Iten, Naiberi campsite in Kaptagat. The views are breathtaking.
Lake Nakuru:Home of Buffalos,White Rhino,Flamingos,Monkeys,Zebras,etc...It also has good lodges in the Park..
Lake Naivasha...Ideal for camping,Honey Moon,Boat Rides and conference facilities at the Lake-side hotels..
Lake Bogoria also makes for a good road trip..See Kerio valley on your way to the lake...See flamingos and other nocturnals..Experience hot water geysers (Carry eggs & potatoes & boil them using the hot water geysers at Lake Bogoria..
There is plenty of natural scenery on your way to the great Rift Valley including Mount Longonot,Aberdare Ranges and other exhilarating sceneries..
A Road Trip to the Great Rift Valley makes for a good holiday...
Carry lots of water,Loaded Camera,food and light clothes because of the hot weather especially in the North Rift..
Have fun
Hi Elkana,
The rift valley is a burst of interesting hot spots from birds santuaries to game parks to the lakes but for me it has to be LAKE NAKURU NAT. PARK
Wow! thats a good one,please have a look at my profile about all the good things in Rift valley starting with naivasha,You will surely not be disappointed.Cheers
Western has so many attraction places,e.g maasai mara,hells gate national park,olorgesailie prehistoric site,kabarnet museum,koobi fora, which is located east of lake nakuru,hyrax hill museum,narok museum,the beautiful lakes,menengai crater and many can also visit the hotels if need for accomondation,night clubs as well are very lively.for more details pls do not hesitate to contact me or ask more querries via this web.
Rift Valley has more to offer, kindy see the suggestions below:
For wild animals - Lake Nakuru and Maasai Mara
For activitis & scenic beauty (hiking, biking, walking safaris, boat rides) - Hells Gate, Crescent Island, Mt. Longonont, Lake Naivasha, Lake Bogoria, Lake Baringo, Lake Elementaita.
Hope the above will help you in deciding where to visit

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