where to stay in northern austria

I am visiting the Czech republic in august and thought it would be fun to pop over to Austria too. Where would be nice for 4 days? I enjoy cultural activities as well as the countryside. thanks.


Country: Austria


A very nice area in northern Austria is the so called Waldviertel. You can visit lots of castels and medieval towns. The green surrounding is very nice as well. Cities I would recommend are Zwettel, Eggenburg and Rapottenstein.
Another rather northern reign in Austria is called Wachau. There you'll find soft wine hills and you can join great classical concerts. Cities I would recommend are. Dürnstein, Melk, Krems, Stein, Spitz. Boat trips at the danube from Krems to Dürnstein are worth the price!
I wish you a nice stay,
thank you Nina!
hello! a very nice region in northern austria is the "mühlviertel" in upper austria. you can enjoy the landscape, go hiking, visit some rather old towns (freistadt, haslach) or castles (schloss weinberg at kefermarkt). this region is only half an hours car drive away from linz (capital of upper austria) which is also the cultural capital of europe in 2009. there you can visit museums, churches, the danube,...
Thanks Martin!
I would recommend a visit to Linz as it is Cultural Capital of Europe 2009 ()
and maybe a trip on the Danube from Linz to Vienna to see the center of Vienna for a day. To tour the countryside of northern Austria is quite cumbersome without a car, though it is very beautiful and worth it. Mühlviertel and Waldviertel, the 2 northern districts of Austria are part of Europe's oldest tectonic plate and their granite stones and woods form a unique and mystical landscape.
Gmünd is a nice city, the landscape around which I especially like and it's right next to the border to the Czech Republic.
I hope this helps a bit,
Thank you Martin!
oops, sorry Patrick, got confused. x

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