I'm going to stay in On for a couple for months, working and travelling around there

Hi!My name is Kris, I am from Poland. I plan to go Australia for a couple of months.. stay there, working and travelling around. I choose Brisbane so far. I am 29yrs old IT pro, with Master university diploma; currently working as a PM in IT. I have a background in finance, and advertising/marketing business, online solutions. I like water sports, scuba diving and sailing. I am easy going and outgoing guy, loving people, music,going out, travelling and hardworking, honest and creative from the other side. According to online visa survey my occupation of IT Manager has been identified by the government as preferred for immigrants wanting to work in Oz. I don't suppose to get remotely a job in IT , but hope to get a job allowing me to live and travel around there. Could you please tell me what is the current situation out there? Any problems getting a job, or renting a room or flat? Looking for someone to advise me..what city to choose, how to prepare for this trip, and any helpful info


State: Queensland

Country: Australia


Hi Kris

Australia has a lot to offer and see and do - I'm not from Brisbane bu I am from Melbourne which has been described as the most liveable city in Australia - but I am not discounting the other cities in any way they all have their positives and negatives alike - I am more than quite happy to help you get settled here in Melbourne and you would be right IT is a highly sought after position and you would be surprised how quickly your would be offered a job witin this industry as long as you are good at it - you may even find that an employer may be willing to sponsor your immigration here - I have no issues with you wanting to strat out in Brisbane but I cannot offer you WHERE in Brisbane is a good starting point for you - I can offer you Melbourne with the opportunity of getting yourelf a chance to go and visit brisbane later and get yourself up there at a later stage - I guess getting you a stable base first and inexpensive furniture etc would be a good starting point for you for which I can help should you choose to do this .. . however this decisions is yours, I have already assisted a chinese friend studying here in Melbourne to get settled for a duration of three years and get his house and furniture sorted out - however the decision is yours - please feel free to let me know - I can then give you a better insight into obtaining a job in the IT industry

Kind regards

Hi Cassandra!
Thanks for your answer!:-)
You are absolutely right! I agree with you, that getting a, say, safe start in Melbourne is a good idea. I'm not going to stick to Brisbane or any other city. I choose Brisbie because of its geographical location and touristic attractions near is, but I would be happy to stay in other city too. All I want is to get job and an opportunity to travel;-) If it is not a problem for you, then please tell me a few words more about job in IT industry. Thanks in advance!
Hi Kris,
Firstly, the situation with living and working in Australia! If your intentions are to work and live in Australia for a short period of time, then my suggestion would be to apply for a 12 month working visa which is a 412 section visa, and then prior to the visa expiring, you can renew it for another 12 months, this is a one off opportunity, as the current regulations only permit one 412 application, and 1 renewal. you would also need to apply for a tax file number to work as well, you can do this online.

Secondly, to live here permanently, you would be required to apply for a 357a visa if you mange to obtain a sponsor, and you would have to satisfy the immigration department that you are eligible for this visa, there is a point system for temporary residency and permanent residency, as you would of noticed on the immigration website, there is a need for "IT" related professions, but please make sure your qualifications are transferable to Australian standards, and recognised by our RPL (Recognition of prior learning) curriculum system.
I would suggest you check with an Australian TAFE, or university, as well as contact an immigration solicitor if you want to permanently reside in Australia.
I am a university qualified Recruitment and Human resource development consultant, so feel free to contact me if you want some companies to approach, I have just finished working with a company called "Workpac", their website is that might be a good start.
Good Luck.
Aussie Dave
Thanks Aussie Dave!
I see I've got to investigate this whole visa system and choose the best one to apply for. Thanks for this info regarding job. I will write it down and get back to you later. Now I have to get it all together and find the best solution. i presume, reading you, that it wont be a big problem do find a job there, of course I dont want to stick to the managerial position, as here in Poland, but I just want to do what I like and know, without stress;-)

Thanks again!
Hi again Kris,

Aussie Dave has some good points to make and one of them more importantly is obtaining a Tax File Number in Australia - all little things that I can help you do to set up in your stay here, I think even before we get ahead of ourselves with employment is to get you your accommodations sorted out WHILE investigating your qualifications capacity prior to commencement of work in Australia as this way we can then work on where your work location can thus be etc - and I can help you get some requirements in getting settled here temporarily or Permanantely and can also show you around a few different places to pick and choose where is best according to your income that determines which is your best bet for employment and accommodations - if you like please feel free to contact me via Private E-mail for any other information that may be deemed relevant in getting you settled ASAP here in AUstralia prior to commencement of work - I have included the Immigration website link for you to see what you would need to obtain for a work visa and or perhaps an employer Sponsored Visa for Permant Migration should you wish to undertake this later in the future.

Kind regards


Hello again, Cassandra!

you are really amazing! thanks again for this info and links, I've took down your email to contact you when I have my plans more precised.

best regards to you both, Cassandra and Dave!

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