in new zealand is it dark for half the year


Country: New Zealand


Very good questions but we live in New Zealand not Antarctica...Climate conditions are like the south of Australia...
Of course its not dark for half the year !!! I live in Hastings Hawkes Bay and its got the best weather its always warm and sunny and very good weather
There are less daylight hours, however the sun comes up about 7:30 am and goes down about 5:30 pm. This might vary by an hour at the middle of winter, but on sunny days, can see for miles.. New Zealand comes out of daylight saving time around Easter.
Yeah mate its actually dark all 12 months of the year so much so we seek out food outlets like KFC, Pizza Hut or Burger King who just happen to be lit up like Christmas Trees! Does the air you breathe in your part of the world very thin? LOL!
Pfffffft, some basic geography is a wonderful tool, or perhaps your asking if our nighttime's are dark, in that case yes our night are dark, however please be fascinated by the delightful fact our daytime are bright and cheery, see you when you get here :) New Zealand is not like Antartica which is dark for half the year. The earliest time it gets dark is around 5pm in winter.
We have four seasons in New Zealand. Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring....From the beginning of October till the end of March we put our clocks forward one hour so have more sunshine hours each day during that time.....In the winter it gets dark around 5pm so it is darker earlier. We do get a lot of rain particularly in the winter which makes it darker
I'm assuming you're from America, so I'll use your own country as an example, and use as few poly-syllabic words as possible. New Zealand is at about the same latitude equivalent as America, so like you, we have long days in summer and short days in winter. The lower down the country you get, the longer the days are in summer. Right now (being summer), down here in Dunedin at about latitude 46 degrees, it gets dark at about 10pm. In winter it'll get dark about 5:30pm. Only at the North and South poles will it be dark for half the year. Sheesh

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