I am planning go to Vietnam in March, I wonder is the good time to go?


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Hi Alice,
As Vietnam stretches from the tropical south to the temperate north, almost any time is a good time somewhere in Vietnam.

In the North, March is late spring.There will be little or no rain and the days can be quite hot and dry.

In the South, March-May is the pre-monsoon (wet) season. The weather can be very hot and very, very humid.

In the Center, March generally provides mild, spring-like weather.
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excuesme!!! would you like to go to vietnam on march's already pass......

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but Vietnam that's the very interesting too....there're charming about manythings....such as......the places...was very wonderful....I have been at there 2 year ago and 2 times at hanoi....and halongbay.....Would you like to go there? or would you like to go hochiminh....if you want to know about the hanoi and halongbay ...... you can ask me.....that's is very nice trip with my friends....and i also have a good friend at there too........i'm not sure about what do you want to know or learn frome travel to vietnam.....could you please give me for more information and i think i can suggest you.....but i you want to do for something and i don't know ... i will find the answer to tell for u.....that's o.k.??????
Feb-april is the best period of the year, dry season in the south, nice temperature in the north. For any further info, just contact me . I have been living here over 10 years and work in the travel industry ...
if you are going to Vietnam in March, I think that's a great time with many reason:
1. The weather is Spring, so it's very beautiful (in the North, the weather is a little bit cool and in the South, it's warm).
2. This is the traditionnal festival time in Vietnam such as Tet Holiday, Huong Pagoda Festival...
3. This is the good time for you with many sporty activities in the beach such as scuba diving, sailing, canoeing, sky diving...
4. The fruits is very fresh in this time such as Mango, Guavas, Graphs...
Well come to Vnam :)
Tet Festival never is on March, just between Jan and Feb my friend,
Hi, the vietnam is a very long country, more than 2000 Kms a the weather in North offen different on the South. But i can tell you about the center where i am, to Ho Chi Minh city until Hue city the weather is very good in March, no rain only sun everyday but not too hot. About the North it better you check on internet.
Have a good trip.
You should go to Vietnam in Tet holiday (New Lunar Year).
Tet can be in January 15-February 15.
welcome come to viet nam
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Hi Alice,
It is October to March are at high season - So March is a good time though.
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Hanoi and North Vietnam are good visits from Nov - Mar. Other months are pretty hot and dry unless you visit the highlands like Dalat or Sapa.

Ho Chi Minh and South Vietnam are trpoical and weather is pretty consistently warm and wet throughout the year.
HI Alice
Welcome to Vietnam :). I wonder where are u from. but in March is quite hot for all country about 27C to 33C. and sure whole country no rain, Hanoi and the north could be a bit cooler. bc the end of the Spring.
From Nov - April is high season for tourist in Vietnam and its mostly no rain. and from May to Oct is slow season for tourist in Vietnam

May to Aug: quite rain in the north and south, but no rain in the center: very good for beautiful beaches in the center of Vietnam.such as: Hoi An, Nha Trang, Qui Nhon, Mui Ne.
but from Aug to Oct, is much rain whole country :)

Its better if u can make plan and come in the end of jan to feb, u will enjoy a Tet traditional Festival in Vietnam , its very interesting and beautiful.

Hope u have a nice time in Vietnam :)
Best regards
Hi Alice,
I believe Aug or Sept is the best time to visit North Vietnam and Nov, Dec is the same for South (talk about weather). If we talk about sight seeing and fruit, food, and culture events... you can come any time. Please refer to these below site to have more information.

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If you are planning to go to Hanoi, Vietnam I might suggest going in Oct because our biggest festival ever (1000 years of Thang Long- Hanoi) is going to be held during Oct, 1st - Oct,10th, 2010 which includes lots of exciting events and the city will have volunteers give foreigners free tour I believe (since they have been asking students from all colleges to apply for volunteering). More over, the weather around that time is quite nice too.
I dont think it will waste if you miss this event because thats what the country has been talking about since 2008. Its everything around here lately.

More about the event here:
With me, this time is the best in my country. It's not raining. However, there is not much festivals that organize at this time.
What city do you intend to visit? Because there are 4 seasons in the North - HaNoi capital and 2 seasons in the South - HoChiMinh city.

The best time to visit the North is October, but in the South you better visit it from December to January, whether at that time is beautiful.

If you want to go on March to both cities, it will be fine. You can enjoy a lot of things before summer season in the North and raining season in the South.
Anytime is good to visit Vietnam. In March you will get decent weather in the north, sometimes cool, sometimes hot and the south is not too rainy yet. You have to be prepared for any type of climate when you visit Vietnam but it is generally good and the travelers always have a great time.
Hello Alice,

Actually, Mar is a little hot. Jan - Feb is the ideal time to travel across Vietnam, you can experience Vietnamese celebrate Tet holiday which is the most important & expected holiday here :). Moreover, weather at that time is cool.
Another suggestion is this Oct, the anniversary of 1000 yrs of our capital, everyone & resources are toward that event. Lots of interesting activities to explore!

In hope you can arrange your time to visit our country. You're welcomed!
Yes is a goood time to go. Is always a good time to go to Vietnam.
Better at the end of March for the North, hot all around the year in the South

Best Regards
it is very good time .nice whather .festival time in the north, blue beaches in central coast
You mean in March 2011? I dont think anyone can predict what is going to happen by that time, considering the factor such as economic conditions, forex rates etc. etc.

It also depends on what is your definition of a good time? Are you looking for cold, warm or hot weather. February seems to be a good time as you can see the Tet (Vietnamese Lunar new year) and streets are quite, however, most of the businesses are closed at that time.

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