Does anyone one if the town of Quebrada Honda is closer to Cusco or Aques Calientes? How long would be the driving time ? THANKS!!!


Country: Peru


There are several Quebrada Honda in Peru but I suppose you refer to the one on the other side of Ocobamba, on the road between Lares and Quillabamba. (see: )
Technically, it is closer to Aguas Calientes, than to Cusco. Butt hat doesn't mean that it is necessarily easier to get to. Good luck.
Thank you!
About Quebrada Honda, there is a place on the road to Quillabamba (Cuzco) that has that name, there is a way to reach communities Huyro and Santa Maria that are close to Quillabamba, there is no specific bus to go to place. You could take the buses that will Quillabamba or otherwise take a private car from Cuzco will take you approximately 4 hours if you go by private car. From Quebrada Honda to Aguas Calientes has to go through other village, the last of them is called Santa Teresa and in this moment from there to Aguas Calientes you should walk for about 4 hours.
If you need more information we can help.
thanks, was vry helpful!
Quebrada honda is a 5 hours and 30 minutes from Cusco and 3 hours and 20 minutes to Santa teresa by car.
Quebrada Honda is on the way between Machu Picchu and Quillabamba. The best way to get there is by train to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu) or Quillabamba and then by private car (taxi) or colectivo to Quebrada Honda as it has no bus line to it. Walking you´d take about 5 hours.
I suggest you preview both locations in Google Earth (it's free to install from Internet). Just type "Cuzco, Perú", "Aguas Calientes, Cuzco" and "Quebrada Honda, Cuzco" in its own browser, put a position marker in each of them and you'll find graphically they relation with Cuzco and if you have selected "roads" you should see how they are connected. One thing you should check out is the actual conditions of the roads after the "overrainned" period we had in that area this February, that brought down many roads there.

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