Does anyone know if its possible to rent a place to stay in Ollantaytambo from sept - Nov 2010. I have a 4 year old child & would... to learn Spanish and meet locals, we are easy going.


Country: Peru


Yes, You can do it send me a private e mail
It's not so easy to found a place in OllATAYTAMBO it's a very little town and it's just a place where people stop to see the ruins.I dont think u may even abble to find a house that with the normal accomodations there.
Hi, of course it is possible, if you want I can arrange for you to live with a peruvian family, just send me a mail at
keep in touch
yes i guess that you can be in katty´s place at 3 bloks from the main square in ollantaytambo.
she has a hostal named chaska wasi ..

and you can life there, is beautiful, but you can look the page home.

this is katty mail addres..

ok, good luck
I live in Cusco and I am spanish teacher, In Ollantaytambo the majority of buildings are Hotels or hostals, Do you wish a private apartment?. I have some options for helping you. If you are interested please don´t hesitate to write to:
Thanks Sonia, will be in touch with you soon, nothing is certain at the moment so its great to get lots of feedback & helpful information.
Here is the email of Adela Arenas who administers El Albergue in Ollantaytambo but will also be able to help you find accommodations in town:
If you want formal Spanish classes at any time (and in Cusco) look us up
Good luck.
Sure you can do it, see several answers I just want to tell you that it's a very good idea to learn spanish with a private teacher as for example Sonia Doris, we, teachers, are kind and see the students as friends. Enjoy your trip for sure
Your best bet is to see the place for yourself, do not worry there is a lot of places available in cuzco, remeber that distances are really short, y was in cuzco on feb and just by walking in one day y found many excelent places, do not expect shraton style, justa natural enviroment all is earth friendly, y foun one place that tv and radio are opcional and lots of books to read, book a room for 1 day and assure you that on that one day and a little walk you would find and outstanding place to stay, pls check san blas zone, there are planty of places to eat (lots of veggie food)
contac my girlfriend she lives in cuzco, remeber to bring rain gear, its a bit wet but its all green and beatifull, enjoy youre trip
If you want your kid to learn spanish among others, while keeping the possibility of watching him, I would certainly reccomend to volunteer on and use the 'albergue' installations
I have just been to there and the project is wonderful,it helps many kids the age of yours, so you would get the chance to enjoy Cuzco, the surrounding areas, help out kids, and have your own at a school where he or she might learn spanish while playing and making new friends
Thankyou Sergio, what an interesting place I will definitely think about a stay here on our travels.

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