hi, I'm in Varna. How can i find out what events are taking place music, festival, theatre, cinema (in English!) etc. Is...

...there a website (i can translate it in google). Thank you, Linden


Country: Bulgaria


I live too far from Varna and I can not help you.
Hi from me!!
Here is another very useful link:

Hope it will be helpful!!
There are some events the next days in Varna and close to it. I will post a link for you with the culture events in the next few months.

This are the places you can visit tomorrow and the next day.

32nd International VARNA Choir Competition May 13-16 Varna

National Folklore Meeting May 14-16 Kavarna

Humour Carnival in Gabrovo May 15 Gabrovo

10th Folklore Meeting
“Folklore without Boundaries” June 22-28 Albena

Hey there -

That is quite a reliable source and regularly updated, which won't disappoint you.

Enjoy your stay in Varna

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