What the best mui thai school in Thailand?


Country: Thailand


check this out!

Not sure if you are looking for a more laid-back camp or more rural setting one but below are some that you can check out, good luck finding the right one for you!

Horizon Muay Thai Boxing Camp
Location: Haad Tien Bay, Koh Phangan island, Surat Thani Province, Thailand
Tel: 077 238374 Mobile: 095881241
Owner: Aphiwat Sriwatcharaporn
Description: Muay Thai training camp in a tropical island paradise which accepts foreigners. All levels of boxer and women welcome.
How to get there: Take a bus or train from Bangkok or fly to neighbouring island Koh Samui.

Sasiprapa Muay Thai Gym
Location: 401 Soi Laprao 130 Klongchan, Bangkok 10240, Thailand
Tel. 662-379-0270 Mobile
Manager: Thakoon Pongsupha
Description: This is a well-organized Muay Thai training camp located in the Bangkapi area in Bangkok. Accommodations are available at the camp or there are hotels close by. Women fighters are accepted.

Pundit Mangphimai Camp
Location: 284/3 M.14 Pimea, Naconrachasima 30110, Thailand
Mobile phone: 661-071-6963
Description: This is a very small rural training Camp near the ancient Khmer Ruins in Pimia The Manager is a professional Muay Thai fighter. There are no accommodations at the camp but there are guest houses nearby.
How to get there: By Bus from Bangkok. It's about a five-hour trip.

Nongkee Pahuyuth Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) School (Sit-o Camp)
Location: 24 Seepetch Road, Amphur Muang, 159/9 Nongkee Pahuyuth,Nongkee 31210, Buriram
Tel: 044-641185 Mobile 09-844-2601
Manager: Master Pramote Hoimook
Description: This is a beautiful camp. Master Promote is one of the famous Trainers of Muay Thai. There is also a Sit-O Camp in the USA and Mexico. And soon there will be a camp in Australia. Female fighters are not allowed.
How to get there: Fly or Bus to Korat where you can be met. Otherwise local bus to Nongkee. Ask for directions at the Police kiosk and it is about one kilometer further.

Sityodtong Boxing Camp
Location: 90M.6 Nongprue, Pattaya City,Chonburi 20260Thailand
Tel/Fax: 6638-730079 Mobile: 661-983-7175
Owner: Yodtong Senanan
Chief Trainer: Khun Angkarn Sriwaralak (Khun Toy )
Description: This is a big camp. Sityodtong also has a branch in the United States and Mexico. And is affiliated with Camps in Switzerland, Italy, Holland, and Australia. The Owner of the Camp is a legendary Muay Thai Champion and is usually present. Master Yodtong is one of the Famous Trainers in Thailand and has taken Muay Thai Teams to compete internationally. Female Fighters are allowed. There are three rings plus an adjacent boxing stadium. An amazing amount of equipment is present.

This is my # 1 choice for the Muay Thai Schools in Thailand. Its located in the spiritual quiet north of Thailand, Chiang Mai. They approach Muay Thai as a non-confrontational discipline with emphasis on self-defense. They teach health of the physical being by promotion of exercise and thru vegetarianism.
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perhps the question is put a bit too generaly, because nobody wants the same:
check out Stickmans review at
I'm not too sure which is the best Muay Thai School in Thailand but here is a link that lists some information and a list of Muay Thai camps with websites.

There are many Thai boxing camp in Chiang Mai. I would suggest you try learning Thai boxing in Chiang Mai as it weather and the learning area is larger.
Sasiprapa Muay Thai Gym is at the top of the list in Bangkok and the owner speaks good English. If you are heading out of town then I would reccomend 'Legacy Gym' in Ubon Rachathani owned and operated by a foriegn fighter.

Depends what your purpose is? Let me know and I can put you in direct contact with both these clubs.
The Fairtex Muay Thai School in Pattaya City, Chonburi Province.
I would certainly advise Chiang Mai for this purpose, because of it's cultural environment and pleasant life style.
That really is a difficult question to answer. Every school has it's traditions and positives. If you measure quality by champions, I suppose the Fairtex schools () must be right up there. They have first rate courses and equipment. However, if it's tradition you are looking for, there are many schools you could aim at. A popular one one with foreigners is Jitti Gym on Ladprow Road (). Sor Vorapin near Khao San Road has a solid history and good trainers (). Let me know if I can help more...

Before to answer your question you should give me more details.
Well, are you going to thailand to learn muai thai as professional or for leasure ?
Do you plan to travel around thailand and how long you plan to stay there ?
There are school in most of places in thailand, it just also depends in which area you plan to travel, then i could recommend u a school there.
I got the impression the questioner was trying to establish a single school that would represent the best available - like the Shaolin Temples represent the best available as far as Kung Fu is concerned. I don't think there is a single Muay Thai school that fits this profile.
Dear friend,

Try the below one if you like.
Am recommend coz my friend got trained and find good.

Phone: +6622605816
Mobile: +66894992052

government school licensed.
This will enable us to help foreign students to apply for a 1 year student visa for long term studies.
This is to help our long term students who are interested in becoming proper Muay Thai fighters.
You can travel here on a tourist visa and we will take care of all the paperwork for you and transform it into a student visa, the process takes about 2 weeks and the visa will be valid for one year.
The fee is 35.000 Baht and includes visa application, student fees and classes.

hey I heard good things about It's in Bangkok, easy to go everywhere in town....check it out!
Well my small town of Pakchong happens to be the home of SOMJIT JONGJOHOR the Olympic Games GOLD winner and we witnessed the "fever" that not only locals but the whole of Thailand felt for this world champion.
I dont know where he trains (he has now retired from fighting)but I believe he is planning on being a trainer so if I find out I will reply again.
In the meantime the official school of Muay Thai is called The Muay Thai institute situated in Rangsit (just north of the international airport)and all the teachers are champions and can speak English. They teach four levels--basic,intermediate,advanced and professional. These are taught over 120 days respectively. Prices are $120 and 1,200 for the professional.The phone number is 992-0096-9 best of luck with your venture Graham
I can only give links for Phuket to schools here. I have not attended any, so my opinion is purly based on what I have read.
Here goes:
Near Kata:

Near Rawai:




Hope this helps you.
Have a good time here.
Dear Thai boxing lovers,

See the latest news.
world martial arts festival in ayuthayya on 13 th March 2009.
Visit there find the real roots.

5 TH World Thai Martial Arts Festival CELEBRATION NAIKHANOM TO M DAY
ASSOCIATIONINSTITUTEOF THAI MARTIAL ARTS Wai-Kru Ceremony Muay Boran & Krabi – Krabong Seminar Nai Khanomtom Pro/Championships Belt Date: 13 th - 17 th March 2009, Venue:City of Ayutthaya Stadium, Ayutthaya , ThailandAITMA, ASSOCIATION INSTITUTE OF THAI MARTIAL ARTS NATIONAL STADIUM, RAMA 1 ROAD, BANGKOK 10330. Tel: (668) 13024622 Fax: (662)6124020 Official website: ;

Check this out

but if you like to learn some traditional Muay Thai, there is another one call Muay Thai Chaiya. this one is interesting to learn as wel... Enjoy Muay Thai :)
There will be the World Muay Thai Martial Art festival in Ayutthaya which may be your interest, please also check the link here for more info:

to answering almot all your question about thai boxing and Muay Thai you can follow this link...

here they provide all infomation about Muay thai and also the best place where you can see a good fight and also many adress of school... And more...
Have a good time...
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I don't know because no many Thais want to learn Muay Thai.
It is our national sport but locals don't really enjoy practicing or even watching it next to the ring.
it is a very difficult question to answer,whats your main objective?to fight in the ring or to train?currently i am training at SASIPRAPA gym,their website is ,
or u can call master Thakoon at +66818566684 for more info.
there are photos in my facebook.they have stay-in program can go to to know more about muay thai.hope it helps.and now training in bangkok is tough because its hot,but it helps to condition your body.
The Eminent Air Boxing Gym is owned by a famous promoter at Lumpini Boxing Stadium in Bangkok. It offers long and short courses in Muay Thai. Website is:

That facility is located on Koh Tao a very small, quiet island with award winning training facilities. Steve, the owner, looks like a pitbull but he's a really respectful man. You probably won't train with him untill you get more experience. I strongly recommend these guys above others in Thailand
Muay Thai isnt my main area of knowledge - but i have heard many good things about this gym, which has many international outlets, and trains one-on-one (the best way to train)
Lots of choice. Chaing Mai has good coverage, but i hear Sasiprapa in Bangkok is the best.
Good luck
Are u lokking for a private lesson bacause my friend is a Muay Thai school lwt mw know if you are interested :)
Are u looking for a private lesson bacause my friend is a Muay Thai teacher let me know if you are interested :)
Jungle Gym, Had Rin, and Had Tien Koh Phangan. Run by twice world female champion and based in the jungle! My brother is a Muat Thai teacher and he highly reccomends it
interesting,u based in koh samui?hows the wmc camp in koh samui?its at lamai beach.i am going koh samui for a week,thinking of working out there and relax at the beach.
There are good school around Thailand. If you want to explore Thaialnd at the same time, I suggest Chiangmai or Phuket for you to take a class. Check out some list here...

or the list from above answer are pretty good as well...
well, i dont know much about Mauy Thai, but i heard that one is Fairtek in Pattaya,one of my friend who do alot of mauy thai prictice he told to me there is the good one.
The best Muay Thai camp in CHiang Mai is Lanna Muay Thai in Moobaan Chiang Khian near to CM University.

Their website is

The boxer that starred in the movie Beautiful Boxer trained in this camp.

My brother trained at 2 gyms. Sasiprapa Muay Thai Gym in Bangkok and Parang Muay Thai Gym in Ayutthaya which also teaches Muay Borang which is the worrier style used by the Thais in their war with Burma 500 years ago using sticks and swords along with Muay. He enjoyed both camps very much.

Have fun,
I currently train at DRAGON MUAY THAI in Phuket. I've talked with several fighters and can give you a run down of the opinions:

anywhere in Chain Mai = typical secluded training in most places. Not a very touristy area. Fighters recommend this area if you want total immersion into fighting.

Bangkok = large group training, and some say you get treated as a number. The plus side is there is lots to do in Bangkok.

Koh Samuay (spelling may be off) - WMC good training and beautiful location.. highly recommended by other fighters.

Phuket - I train here currently. Phuket is an island and very popular tourist attraction. That means there are lots of distractions. I am going to give you my opinion and you take from it what you want =

Tiger Muay- waste of my money, large group sessions, treated like a number, never got any actual TRAINING, had bugs in food, ignored when I asked basic questions, the rooms are like cement caves and they cost as much as the nicer rooms down the road. In all fairness maybe the language barrier was a factor to my experience, but you can google muay thai blogs and read for yourself.. ONE plus point about Tiger, their cardio/conditioning routine is very good. It's not for the weak minded, if you're the type of person who takes the elevator instead of the stairs because you don't want to breathe heavy then this workout won't be for you, actually no Muay Thai workout will be good for a person like that. This workout will push you to your limit and beyond. i found it tough to keep up at first (and I train back home), but again not for everybody!!

I left Tiger after the first month and moved to Dragon Muay Thai, on the web look for PhuketDragonMuayThai .. Personlized training even in a group setting. They take the time to correct your mistakes. They reward sincere effort with more/advanced techniqe training. All cardio and conditioning is done alone, this means you are responsible for your own cardio. Don't worry there are several people even the trainers who can give you tips and instruction on what when and how to do excercises. My opinion is obvious on which gym is better.

BOTH TIGER AND DRAGON allow the students to stay at various hotel/bungalow/rooms in the immediate area (within 5 minute walk to each gym).

Rawai gym - several fighters highly recommend this gym. It is located near Rawai beach (don't let the name fool you, the beach is next to a fishing port), the training is very popular and tough! The gym has been a favorite for foreign fighters for several years. they have a website if you're interested. This gym and Suit both allow students to stay AT the gym, actually it may be required but I'm not sure on that one. That means NO company on lonely nights!!!!!

Suit gym, again same as Rawai. Both gyms are favorites of foreign fighters for several years. Suit also has a stadium which holds fights every weekend.

Your best bet is to go to the area you want to train in - Phuket/Bangkok/Chain Mai. Go to each gym and try one groups session (if allowed) and decide which one suits your needs.
I don't know if it's the best but a lot of foreigners visiting Thailand come and train at the eminent in Bangkok have a look at

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