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I'm a Chinese chef expert on Chinese food with more than 3years'experience.Now I want to go to Australia for a job.Can somebody tell me how I can get a job offer?Is there any chance for me to go out?Or some other ways.I'm 30 now.Is it late for me to go abroad struggling for a living now? Thank you so much.


Country: Australia


Hi, How are you ?

In anwer to your question you are not too old to come to vist and travel out here to Australia - after 45 years of age our Immigrations system may be harder to get through.

however we have plenty of jobs to offer Chefs. I have included some web links to you that may assist - if you wouold like I am more than happy to be your host and drive you around to places to see where you would like to set up and live for the duration of your stay here in Australia although I can really only suggest Melbourne as I am not from Sydney - and I can be more of a host for you to travel around and look at other places in Australia within your budget means

Best wishes - please let me know if you wish to come here and if I can be of any assistance

Kind regards


Thank you so much for your specific information.I really want to go there.Can you tell me how much I will pay for the job offer and waht else I should do?
Thanks again.
Just to add to the previous great list of potential jobs, contact “The Mac” The MAC Services Group Limited (The MAC), an Australian owned public company that was established in 1988 to supply accommodation services to the coal mining, construction, resource and tourism industries.
Their website is
They are regularly looking for :- Village Management, Village Administration, Catering Management, Chefs, Kitchen Hands, Housekeeping Managers, Housekeepers and Grounds Staff
The MAC Villages can accommodate up to 1,000 guests at any one time. Guests enjoy the benefits of en-suited accommodation, dining areas, taverns and recreational facilities in our landscaped Villages. Our Villages often resemble small towns and one even has an art gallery with its own in-house artist. The MAC Village management and staff maintain all our facilities to the highest standards and ensure our guests’ stay is relaxing and enjoyable. Again some of our Village staff live locally while others live away from home on a rotational basis with meals and accommodation provided.

Give this ago, cheers..

Aussie Dave
Hi Again

you don't need to " Pay " for the job offer, but it is important that we get your based here in AUstralia and get your Work Visa and Tax File Numbers sorted out as well as making sure your qualificiations are level and recognised here and equal to our own level requirement - if you would like to contact me privately on I can try and get your sorted out in accommodations etc before work commencment ( assuming it is Melbourne you wish to come and work in ?? )

Best wishes


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