Hi, I will be entering Israel from Egypt Taba border next month to catch my flight to Italy in Tel Aviv, I would like to travel by...

...bus from Eilat to Jerusalem, spend one night in Jerusalem...could you advise cheap hostels in Jerusalem and what can I visit in Jerusalem in one day? Than I need to travel from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv by bus, anyone knows the bus time table? is there a bus or train from Tel Aviv to reach the airport? Thanks Simona


Country: Israel


there is a bus to jerusalem from eilat 7:00 10:00 14:15 line 444

cheap accomodation in jerusalem:

jerusalem inn- ca 110$ or you can find cheaper and simpler in the old city(petrahotel at the jaffa gate.

places to see: old city, take some advice at the tourist information at the jaffa gate. you can call me 0423800660

enjoy your tour

Hi simona!
hostel in jerusalem you can find big variety in google, just press:" jerusalem hostels". one day in this town is very smal. you should spend at least 2 days an to sea the chrch of jesus criest, and western wall very near.
Yes, Egged Bus #444 from the Eilat Central Bus Station (NOT near the Taba border crossing, but a short taxi ride).

In Jerusalem, try The Jerusalem Hostel which is right downtown at Zion Square, is comfortable and reasonably priced. From the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, when you arrive from Eilat, take any bus that goes on Ha'Navi'im Street and get off at Rav Kook Street - walk down Rav Kook Street to Jaffa Road, take a left and you'll see the Jerusalem Hostel a few doors on your right. Click on "location" on the Jerusalem Hostel website for a map.

Hi Simona,

You already have all the info that you require concerning the biss service and there is a train from Tel Aviv to Ben Gurion Airport.

I would heartily suggest the Austrian Hospice Dorms for clean, safe and reasonably priced accomodation. The Hospice is situated within the Old City and is a wonderful experience. I stayed there with my two sisters last year and will more than likely stay over there with my sister while she visits again later this month. If I can be of further assistance please don't hesistate to contact me. Have a safe trip and enjoy Jerusalem!
Hi Simona,
For cheap hostels follow this link as there are too many hostels.

To travel by bus or train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv is no problem. There is a bus about every hour on the hour, during the day and at night I think they run until around 11 o'clock or so.
Yes there is also a bus or train from Tel Aviv to the airport. You can ask anyone also, most Israeli's know where to guide you to.

Good luck and have fun.
Is it possible to find a train or bus from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv airport?

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