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Hello, I am mexican and lving in Distrito Federal. I have a Swedish friend that wants to come for about 3 months to the city. She wants to come and have like a summer job over here. I really have no idea what to suggest her. Can you help me? It will be very much appreciated! THANKS!


Country: Mexico


well if she speaks englihs and some spanish she should have no trouble finding a job in any hotel. how ever working in a hotel is very stressful because most ppl work there. tourism is the strong point in this area so lots of jobs in hotels but its long hours and the pay well it good for being in mexico. also hotels will help out with her papers so she can work legally they will fix it for her. so she can find something
maybe she get some trouble because the mexican law is some kind of hard to let the foreing people work temporally, but she can work as illegal in some school teaching swedish or english, or she could search for a job in but there the companies are formal so maybe she must to ask for the FM3 form in the mexican ambassy in her country
sure dont worry...i mean if u want contact me and we can find her a job....mi cel is 0445527051044... i know some jobs so she can work there..but i mean she has to speak english at %85....
she can find a job easy if she speak English
Dile que se meta a , ahi encuentras trabajo en muchos lugares.. y puedes aplicar en línea.
Ok, first of all, it would be good to know which are her areas of expertise. Even a summer job can take advantage of what she knows. The hotel sugestion is a good one, provided that she speaks english AND spanish. You still have to consider where she will be staying, and if the job requires her to have the proper government authorization for a foreigner to have a job and be paid.
If she doesn't want to do the paperwork, she must find an informal job, perhaps as a hostess or waitress part time in a fancy restaurant not so far from the location where she will be staying. those jobs are simple, and don't have formal salaries, but good tips, but maybe they will require to be standing up for quite some hours. If she is fluent in english and spanish maybe she could be a temporary assistant or front desk on almost any business. But hey... She can find out in the Embassy of Sweden in Mexico if they have an internship or an assistant position, to which she will not require too much paperwork, and also be surrounded by some people of her own country, surely capable to help her.
I hope this helps =)
Hi! well i live and work here, and most jobs have something to do with tourism, if she speaks english(necesary) and a bit of spanish she's got herself a job, about the working papers, well, if she wants to work a hotel she will need the fm2 or fm3 to work, but maybe she can get a non-formal job, like waiter for example, there's actually a publication here, it's updated weekly on fridays and its all about works, home's and stuff like that, the link to this publication is the next: Remember!! it's updated every friday!please let me know if i can help you with anything else!! Chris
p.S. do you speak spanish?
hoteles siempre son una buena opción... también en lugares como Xcaret o Xel-Ha en Cancún, continuamente requieren de personas que hablen otros idiomas, y por supuesto, español.. también hay muchos campamentos internacionales en México donde puede trabajar como coordinadora....
Hi! I work in the Instituto Mexicano de la Juventud, it can arrenge temporal job, in the institute or in another company. If you want to write me: , also visit
Looking at the other answers I see hotels or telemarketing companies offer part time or full time job opportunities your friend can leverage from. Having the international experience she already has can make this easier to happen. A very good idea is to look at websites like or but also looking at local newspapers or which you may visit on line free of charge if you are looking for employment. (see the " avisos clasificados" section). Local newspapers print in spanish only so you might find also useful to look at the websites which are available in english too. HTH. Tony
Hi!!! I think I may have an option, she may work as a summer work at hostel catedral in the mexico City downtown, is a very big hostel and we will be having summer job offers at front desk.

the address is Guatemala No. 4 Col. Centro and the phone number is 55181726
My name is Eduardo and I am the manager for the hostel.
For reputed newspaper job postings try jobs at (mexico city) or at at


Creo que en elgun lugar turistico no seria mayor problema en algun empleo informal, ya que para un empleo formal necesita su fm2, pero mesera o algo por el estilo creo que es posible en lugares como Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Tequila etc, hay muchas opciones pero si tendria que decir que quiere hacer y sobre todo ser formal en su compromiso aunque sea de medio tiempo
well depends where you are going,but with english and some spanish,you can find something for a few months,good luck
Hello, I need her resume, there is a company that is giving job to foreign people... send it to: .
They also offer economical help for renting appartments.
This company is in a very nice place, it has a swimming pool, ping-pon tables, basket ball rings, and beautiful landscapings.
Hey there I am in the teaching business, and my specialty is with languages, I am in the field. If she handles the english language well she could probably get some english classes, and probably even give classes in her native language as well.
Hi, I think the best places for your friend to find a job like that are:Playa del Carmen, Cancùn, Baja California, Los Cabos, etc where there are a lots of tourist and she can have good tips from visitors besides her payroll check
If she doesn't really need to earn money, and is happy with living cost compensation, she can do voluntary work. I could put you into contact with some NGO if she would like this. Another option is to bring her into contact with Swedish people here, that could maybe help her out.
I will love to help her out; I just need to know if she is wiling to come to playa del Carmen and I would need to see her resume.
What kind of job is she looking for?
I need to know her level of studies.
Hola, si tu amiga esta interesada en un empleo formal necesita un permiso de Migracion, el tramite es un poco engorroso para un empleo de veran, no lo recomiendo.
La opcion es un empleo informal.

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