I am coming to Ghangzhou in Sep.2010 i like to vitis Haining fabric factories and leather city which way is best to come by air of...

...train? pls advise


Country: China


The best way is by air.
It's closer to Shanghai.U should fly into shanghai.
I've been to the leather city and fabric factories many times.
The factories are not only in Haining,in different cities near Shanghai.
Any help,pls feel free to let me know!

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take a flight is the best way and you can arrive at baiyun airport. then you can go to visit the haining babric factories. it's about 50 minutes drive from the airport to the factory by taxi. it's about 62km. i live in guangzhou and if you have any other questions, i would like to help you.
I guess you mean Hangzhou , not Guangzhou, right?if you have to arrive in hangzhou first, then train or bus to haining are both available, it takes about 1 hour by the fastest train, and for bus, maybe around 2 hours, anyway, it's near hanzhou, and it is near shanghai too, you also could fly to Pudong airport in shanghai and take long travel bus in the airport to haining directly (it takes about 1-2 hours,i think)

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