Can you describe the weather in Brazil during October?


Country: Brazil


Karin, the brazilian territory is too big and, depending of the place or the city that you're planning to visit, the weather can be different.

Here in Rio de Janeiro, for example, we have a wet climate all the year (due the fact of Rio is a city locatd in the coast) in october, but be sure that the temperatures that you'll get in october will not be less than 25ºC here. The average temperature here in Rio in october stay around 26ºC-32ºC and some rain can fall a few moments. The temperatures in other parts of the country will not be so different of it. Here in Rio, for example, you can go to the beach all year, but the period between october-march is the best to get that tan.

I hope my answer can help you.
Well..if you have in mind to visit some cities, you'll receive best answears about weather telling which ones. It all depends from the region. But as far as I know October it's not a rainy season in most part of Brazil, so you can have a good time if you really want to trip around. Officially October it's the end of spring on the regions we can say that there are seasons, such as south of Brazil, states of São Paulo and part of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.
Hi Kari! It depends of State or County! I live in Rio de Janeiro(Copacabana Beach)! Rio de Janeiro has a very hot temperature! approximately 70 F! but in october it tends to be cooler approx... 60 F! In other Brazilians states it will depend of geography local! If you tell me specific state it will be easier to tell you all details!
Kari, Brasil is very large and you go from areas near the equator right down to the south with a climate similar to southern Europe, whereI live in the North East State of Sergipe, for example , in October the rainy season has ended and is usually sunny with temperatures between 24 and 34 celsius , it is an excellent period weatherwise.!!

What is the city are you going to?
In october it's spring time in Brazil. Generally, it's a kind of hot and the temperature can vary from 20 degrees to 30 degrees. It really depends on the climate of the moment. Last year, for example, I've got 15 degrees in Sao Paulo.

Hope I can have helped you.


The weather here in Bahia is warm all year round....In southern Bahia (I live in Arraial D' Ajuda/Trancoso region) October is generally a safe month for avoiding rain. November tends to be real to avoid. The vibe is much more relaxing and calm, as it is not even close to high season...if you are a kite surfer or wind surfer, October is prime season here for those sports. Take care..Steven
october is spring in brazil and in the south of bahia one of the best months to pass.
november can be raining but the last years only o few days we had rain.
hope if you will be in the neigberhood you call me 073 35751374 always ready to help the tourist wat is my job here
Brazil is such a wide territory it's quite impossible to tell you what's the global weather there. Here in Salvador, in the state of Bahia, it's spring in October. Well you don't see much difference with summer, it's the same heat. The only difference is there's no carnival in October. You still can get a good suntan nad drink some ice-cold beers. October is time to get fit to be good-looking in the high hours of summer starting December to February-March. An interesting thing though : hotels are cheaper, air fares are much affordable, beaches aren't that crowded during the week, if you like to rent a beach house it's a lot cheaper really, so I'd say, I think it's worth it
Hello Kari

Weather in Oct is beginning of spring in Brazil (São Paulo), temperatures is good during the day reaching 27 degrees but at night can reach around 20, so it is good to bring a bit of warm clothes for the night cruise.
Well Kari! the weather in the south Brazil is very diferent than the rest of the country. We have four definite seasons. In my place the temperature in october is very nice, but sometimes after the rain is cold. It is the spring season. In the high lands is still very cold this time around 6º, 7ºC, very often, in the other provinces never goes through 20º. I hope helped you. bye! all the best
Hi Karin , In brasil we dont have a well define climate , like u do in your coutry here most of the time is hot, even not beeing in summer, October is finish spring but i can be sure its quite not less than 25 C.. Most of the year we can go to the beach and get tan so it doesnt matter if u come in october or actually in summer that is next month that it will be a little hot . Hope it helped in some way. Danielle
Hi Karim , October it´s very good month to drop by.Even Brasil been a largest country in all most of the regions you can find a nice weather.
Only in South of the country is still a winter season but since there is very agreable.
Hope you see you in October
Hi! Well, depend... Brazil is really big. Where are you going?
The climate in Brazil is very variable according to region.
Here in the South, ranging from 5-25 degree Celsius.
Hi Karin! Nowadays, it is hard to say exactly the weather in October. We already had cold days in September-October. Considering the normal situation, it is a transitions from October to Spring so it is a season of rain but a strong rain for some minutes then stop. The temperature is average 20ºC to 25ºC. It is a nice month to walking on the city of São Paulo. This is for the city of São Paulo, for the rest of the country, just a local person can describe better. What can I say, it is in the South of the country it is quite similar to the city of São Paulo and going to North and Northeast, it is warm and sunny days. For someone who has a white skin, it is the best season to go to the beaches in Northeast of the country because the sun is not too hot as in December, January and February when it is Summer.
depend where are you going?
south - cold
southeast - can be cold some times
northeast - warm
noth - warm.
depend where are you going?
south - cold
southeast - can be cold some times
northeast - warm
noth - warm.
depend where are you going?
south - cold
southeast - can be cold some times
northeast - warm
noth - warm.
Well, friend, here, at Santa Catarina, october is all time, specially because it´s the partie´s month. You can expect a lot of european (mainly, german) culture all over the biggest inland cities, like a mardi gras or something. have you ever heard about us, from the south, some people say is definately a go. Bye there!
I like Marta Chomen's answer, Karin. Although all comments about the importance of knowing where exactly you are planning to visit are absolute true. Brazil is such a big country and also nowadays we can never tell wether it will rain, or be hot at any time. Let's blame our own irresponsibility in taking care of our planet.
October in Brazil will mean good weather. Generally hotter, the further north you go, but also more humid in costal areas and in the Amazon region.

If you are thinking of visiting Northeast Brazil you may find my guide useful. Cecheck out . Also, you will find weather details for the region.
Oh it depends a lot on the place you are talking about. Brazil has a very large territory and has many different weathers.
October is spring here and in Sao Paulo, for example, you'll find a moderate hot weather. Temperatures will variate from 12 to 28 degrees Celsius. In October it's not yet the rainy season, which goes from December to March. It rains only once or twice in the whole month.
Despite the big area, in Octuber the entire country is hot. Might rain in the south, but the weather is very good in Octuber. Choose any place you desire. If you are looking for a melting summer, come in December, January, February.
Just like it's been pointed out by most people, Brasil is too large, therefore weather varies from region to region. Decide where you want to go and people will be able to point how weather is going to be in each location.

Enjoy Brasil!

Dear Kari,
I think you have lots of answers. Feel free to ask if you need more information.

Take Care
Hey Kari!
As all of my friends above said:"Brazil is a huge country.."
and it depends on where are you planning to go.
It's normally sunny in October, but it does not mean that the rain won't come to welcome you
Tell us what are your plans and we can come with further information!
I hope you have a great time in Brazil wherever you stay!
Léo Kostas
Travel & Tourism Consultant
Dear Kari,
As my fellow countrymen already answered, Brazil is a very enormous country, with more than 4000 km extention from North to South. I live in Curitiba, in the south of Brazil and in October we've springtime, so the weather here in 1000 mtr.high is mild, means between 15 and 25°c, sometimes rainy, sometimes very dry. You should specify the region you're going to. Nevertheless I hope you will enjoy this friendly country, because even if weather is bad our people is very very friendly. Best regards Tom Koch
october, great month along the atlantic coast. sunny, hot but breezy, perfect for a few cold ones, an alluring tan and some magic encounters.
which city are you thinking to go?
hi! it depends where are you going...but in october is springtime and temperatures are between 20 / 25ºC, here in the south of Brazil is very good time for beach.
Hello Kari, people already told you Brazil is too big and very variated in terms of weather. If you are from a country that uses Farenheit degrees, please remark that all the information given here are in Centigrades or Celsius. You will need to translate it properly to understand... If you are from a country thats uses °C then you know what we are talking about. I hope you have a nice trip
As most people said,it really depends on where you are going, but it won't be cold anywhere. I'd say from down south to far north you wouldn't face temperatures lower than 70 F (unless you go to the mountains), and specially in Rio, it could get very hot and wet. Hope it helps.
In Recife Pernambuco it tends to be hot and dry.
In Recife the Weather is hot and dry. Temperatures around upper 80s F
In Recife the Weather is hot and dry. Temperatures around upper 80s F
In Joao Pessoa in October it is also hot upper 80s lower 90s Farenheit and dry....No Rain
as you can see all of them are right. Brazil is a large country, so it will all depende on where you´d like to go.
id you have more questions, do not hesite to write to:
Cheers and have a nice trip :)
Well, as you've learned from all the answers, Brazil is too big, etc...So your best bet is to define the places you intend to visit, then go to this sites: (if you can understand portuguese or have someone help; or , select cities, then click on average, months, and there you are!!!
you're welcome! that i taught everybody how to do it, i wonder how many points i
OK, as everyone else have said before it will depend mostly on the region. But it is a good period to hit places like the northeast and Rio for instance, getting a really warm weather, before it might get too hot, and also it is just before the rainy season begins on the southeast region. On the other hand u should avoid central parts of brazil, around Bonito or so, cause many of the siteseeings won´t be at it´s best during this period.
I need to know wich places do you wanna visit.
Here, at the Bahia, is summer all year along! October is one of the most dries months, so is one of the bests to travel !
The weather in October in Rio will be mostly between 24 to 30 degrees, I would bring a rain jacket, b/c it could be rainy.
Even knowing exactelly "Where you are going to stay", I might help you only with WHAT WE, MORTALS, CAN EXPECT. Wheather is changing but general its not cold by this time of the year... tell me where you intend to stay... if it is Brasilia, weather is hot and dry, like the desert - at least same sensations...
Well, as said, you do need to know where are you going nto stay... but generaly its a good season... its not that hot or Brazil-coldness... tell me where are you going to stay and it is possible I can help you more...
Hello there Kari!

As many others have mentioned here, it does depends where in Brazil we are talking about, but have in mind that the North and Northeast it´s always sunny and warm all year long, what can be different it´s how much it rains over there!
The Southeast where Sao Paulo and Rio are located, october it´s spring time , so I would say from 20 to 28 degrees? It´s hard to tell nowdays!
Brazil is a big country with several climate zones. In October it might be still chilly in the South. it's a great time for nature tours as it is still breeding season and animals are very active. In the North east is hot, but in Bahia to Pernambuco it will get hotter in the months to come. Enjoy!
as you know it does not snow in brazil....this warming has transformed it all so check into weather channel in general after september its already hot!
Hey wassup! I do live down South in Florianopolis (SC), here the weather at this time in the year it's cool and start to be each time warmer, getting ready to the summer!!!! Have Fun!
Brazil its the 5nd biggest country in the world and a have continental size. Its like to have many countries within only one. That is why you can find the weather that you want here in October - except a too cold one.
If you come to my city, Salvador, you can come any time and it will probabily be nice and worm.

Map above:
To an explanation of the Brazilian climate regions cited on it, and for data on their monthly temperatures, rainfalls and humidity (which can be a smart tool for your travel plan), see:
Brazil Map Weather: regional patterns
Seasons in Brazil are the reverse of those of Europe and United States:

Spring: 22nd September - 21st December
Summer: 22nd December - 21st March
Autumn: 22nd March - 21st June
Winter: 22nd June - 21st September
But you should not deduce too much from this division. Truly, this four season pattern is only applicable to southern Brazil. Most of Brazil territory shares a two-season pattern: a rainy season (the summer) and a non-rainy one (the winter).

And it is the rain – not the cold – that you should equate if your destination is the Northeast, the Amazon, or even Rio de Janeiro and surroundings. Though most showers usually last no more than one hour or two, with subsequent sun reappearing, there are more persistent rainfalls, namely at regions with pronounced rainy seasons as the Amazon and the Pantanal.

For detailed geographical information of Brazil, see:
Maps of Brazil
Distances between travel destinations: maps and tables of distances


The rainy season begins mid-October in the southern region of Amazon, and in December in the central zone (Manaus…); it lasts till March (in the south) or to mid-May (in the centre) or even to June, mostly in the north.


The rainy season lasts from December to March. The intermediary seasons are April-June and October-November. In the rainy season, rain is obviously intense, the temperature is high, and Pantanal gets flooded. This isn’t a good period to visit Pantanal, especially January and February. It’s much better to visit the Pantanal in the dry season, or in the intermediary ones.

For more detailed information:
Pantanal and Brazilia table weather


Salvador, Fortaleza, Recife or resorts near these towns (Praia do Forte, Porto Galinhas, Natal, etc.) have agreeable temperatures all year round. They rarely dip below 25ºC (77ºF) and there are very few days hotter than 32 or 33ºC (90ºF). Winter temperatures are just 3-4ºC degrees below the «summer» temperatures.
In Salvador and Recife regions the rainy season begins around the beginning of April, and lasts three months, more or less. At Fortaleza the rain begins a little later (advanced April or May) and lasts also three months.
Anyhow, those are all year round beach regions. Showers usually don’t last enough to spoil the visitant vacations.


Salvador, Fortaleza, Recife or resorts near these towns (Praia do Forte, Porto Galinhas, Natal, etc.) have agreeable temperatures all year round. They rarely dip below 25ºC (77ºF) and there are very few days hotter than 32 or 33ºC (90ºF). Winter temperatures are just 3-4ºC degrees below the «summer» temperatures.
In Salvador and Recife regions the rainy season begins around the beginning of April, and lasts three months, more or less. At Fortaleza the rain begins a little later (advanced April or May) and lasts also three months.
Anyhow, those are all year round beach regions. Showers usually don’t last enough to spoil the visitant vacations.


The high season in Rio is summer (December to March), but this high season is also the most crowded period, as well as with the highest hotel prices. So, off-season (May-October) is also a good option, if you are looking for low hotel prices and don’t mind to face the risk of having some days of low temperatures: Rio’s winter temperatures stay around the 70sº F/20sº C, dipping occasionally below the 60ºF/15ºC (there are some short periods of low temperatures, and beach life isn’t agreeable).

Rainy days can be disturbing in a visit to Rio, but they are very unpredictable. They can happen even in the high season. The solution, when the rain comes unexpectedly, is to have alternatives as shopping or indoor visits or amusement - and Rio has plenty.


The south of Brazil has a more conventional four-season climate, with a cold winter (winter temperatures and evenings can be low and uncomfortable: 5°C-8°C/41ºF-47ºF) and a hot summer. Sweaters and light winter coats are needed, in winter.
The best time to visit those regions – if you want to profit from nearby beaches -- is undoubtedly summer (December-March) and the months closer to summer, unless you want to visit other highlights as Iguassu Falls or Blumenau Oktoberfest, or just travelling in a rather European alike region.
the weather in brazil during october is really warm, between 25 C to 32 C so you should wear summer clothes!
depends where yu want to go in my area is always worm
It completely depends on where you're going.
October is a milder month, in the sense that it's not very hot.
If you're going to the Southern states (Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Parana) it's already warm enough to go to the beach. Same with the Southwestern states (Sao Paulo, Rio).
From Rio up, it's warm throughout the year, with October being one of the months when Europeans and Americans can still feel it's not too hot for them.
very beautiful
Brasil is so big and the weather go according with the place you are. But generally October is still could ( a little) on
the south. Like a hot spring in the centre and very hot in the north, where is hard to rain in this period
October is spring in the southern Hemisphere. But in a country the size of Brazil (the only one in the world transected both by the Equator and the tropic of Capricorn) this varies as much as it does in the Northern Hemisphere between say Alaska and Florida.
Indeed, as the guy below me said, our country is too big but when talking about climate remember one thing: Up to the North is ALWAYS hot and down the South you have the most cold temperatures.

But generally talking, October is the "beggining" of Spring (it oficially starts on September 21st). So, we tend to have hot weather with occasional rain. If you want to get a good tan, you´d have to come in late November early December up to the end of January.

But again, if you go to any city in North or Northwest you can get a tan all teh year long.

I hope it helps somehow!
Brazil it's a big country. Weather varies depending on where you are. You must take in account that weather is changing in the last years about everywhere and in Brazil too, so there might be exceptions. I saw raining in dry season and little rain during the rainy season. However October is what Brazilians consider the end of winter. Temperatures are raising, but it might be still chilly in the evening and mornings in the South East (Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Florianopolis) and at higher altitudes (Belo Horizonte). It's getting hotter in the northeast (Salvador, Recife). It shouldn't be cold anywhere though. Hope this helps to choose your traveling wardrobe!
the weather in the spring is normaly the best time on the year for all brazil on the ltoralside what means the beaches.
Being that we are SOUTH of the equator, the seasons are pretty much reversed.

So in October we are looking at full head on Spring. Now, depending on the city you are interested in ... temperatures will vary from 75F-90F

Brazil is the country to feel ALIVE. In absolutely all specifics of the word. If you want to sleep and relax, close your shades, save a few bucks and stay home.

Brazil is about LIVING. Brazil is about excursions to the deep jungle, waterfalls that take your breath away, exotics fruits that are compared to sex, live music that takes your body to new heights, endless dunes to endless jungles, endless women in our endless beaches.

IF you want to feel alive.


Not the Brazil on a brouchure ... THE REAL BRAZIL THAT ONLY A LOCAL CAN

for more info.

take care.
Ok, it is always guna be warm i cant give a better detailed report than that....might have the odd drop of the old wet stuff too from time to time!!
In these period the climate tends to be dry but still very attractive and enjoyable to visit! I hope that you have a great travel!
Since Brazil is below the equator. The seasons are pretty much reversed as to what you are use to.

In ocotber we are looking at the middle of Spring. Now ... the temperatures will vary from 75F-90F depending on which state you're in.

anything else ...

take care.
Well, freeze it never will! You've obtained all the answers, I guess. If not: Contact me via ! I'm on the web as a Rio-Brazil-Lat.Am. travel counseler. I cater to travellers of ALL budgets. Jim
I can talk properly about my region: the state of CEARÁ!
Located at the Northeast of Brazil with its capitol Fortaleza distant around 3 degrees south of the Equador´s line, has a hot clime all over the year. In October we are officially in the spring (but as we are very close to the equador´s line we don´t feel strongly the stations change) and we have high temperatures and still good winds. At this month we expect the production of the fruit of Caju and mango, that are growing in the trees and we can have eventual rains, but surelly not frequent.
Come to see the October´s Sun and Fun at Fortaleza and all over the state of Ceará!
It ranges but certainly it is still very pleasurable climate!
Hot, very hot!
In Rio the weather is quite sunny during october!

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