I'm looking for Farmers' Markets in San Francisco that offer an alternative to the one at the Ferry Building. The Ferry Building... is a great scene, but I'm wondering if there are a few tucked away where the produce is local and also affordable, and where you have a friendly neighborhood feel.


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


While the ferry building farmer's market in San Francisco is the biggest, there are a few outside if the city limits that are definitely worth checking out.

For a neighborhood-y feeling, great selection and a picteresque setting, try Oakland's Lake Merritt farmer's market. Also not as pricey as the SF-based market. Every Saturday, all year:

For a selection and size, try Marin's Sunday market. It's the 3rd largest farmer's market in CA and is worth visiting at least once, if not regularly.

Also, if you're serious about buying local but can't make it outside of SF to visit these markets, consider a CSA (assuming you live in the city). They're pretty affordable and the convenience can't be beat.
Thanks, Alexi. This gives me great options. The CSA Web site seems like a really good resource. I've also considered ordering a box of produce weekly, because I know a lot of local programs do that. The trick is finding one that's small enough for one person so the food doesn't go back after a week.
hi, about every neighborhood in SF boasts a farmers market - civic center, Fillmore,,
divisadero, inner Sunset, Castro, Noe valley to name but a few (search yelp) my favourite so far is the Alameny farmers market on Saturday . this location also hosts the Sunday flea market
Thanks, jasper. I'll look into those and check out the Alameny one first.
Hi Susan,

If you're up for it, Mountain View has a terrific farmer's market on Sundays. The best part about it is you can just take the train down from San Francisco in the morning, and before you know it, you're there! You won't have to deal with parking issues and the market is literally steps from the train station. They get some of the best and freshest fruits and veggies from over the hill in Salinas, Santa Cruz and Watsonville. It's a bit further than some of the ones in SF, but not too bad, only a 30 minute train ride.
Hi Tyler,

I love the Mt. View Farmer's Market. It's one of my favorites particularly because I find that the produce there is more affordable, and there is a huge variety. A note on the train ride -- isn't it a bit longer than 30 minutes from San Francisco?

Hey Susan,

I'm glad you know the MV farmers market - it's one my favorites too. And you're right about the train ride, it's more like 45-55 minutes, still worth it though.
My favorites for cheap eats are the Alemany and U.N. Plaza (aka Civic Center) farmer's markets. Here's a map of all the SF markets, plus some Bay Area markets that includes the day of each - I like that you can hit a market almost any day of the week!

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