Can anyone tell me what their favourite sity in Europe is?

Do you like Italy, Sweden, France, Switzerland, or the Netherlands?


Country: Italy


Hi, for sure Vienna in Austria !
Out of the countries mentioned above i've been to France and i currently live in Italy.It's hard to answer this question without knowing exactly what you're looking for and what type of atmosphere you like, but speaking from experience, if you enjoy relaxation, art, delicious fresh food, and shopping, you'll enjoy Italy. Florence is rich with culture. Venice is AMAZINGLY ROMANTIC. Naples is beautiful and a great place to go while it's warm because you can be on the beaches!
Paul, having traveled Europe extensively Rome, Italy would get my vote as the most scenic and beautiful city.
Rome is one of those world’s jewels that everyone should visit at least once, a unique city with unique people nowhere else will you have the chance to breath such a unique combination of history and culture!
Not to mention the excellent shopping and tasty foodie and… last but not least the great weather make this a very wonderful place to visit.
Italy and France are really beautiful, Switzerland and sweden are more for lakes and nature, the Netherlands are great if you're planning a long bicycle ride. By train you can easily travel from Italy to Switzerland and then France and going through Belgium to Holland. It is about a month long. Ciao
Nancy Aiello
I would have to say that Bulgaria is my favourite place,
I think that Bulgaria has a lot to offer wether you are a sunworshipper or indeed a skier we seem to cover a wide range of activites and this country In my opinion is one of the best up and coming countries and offers geat value.
The image of Bulgaria is changing and soon it will inline with the restof Europe and the Balkans have also been voted as one of the safest places to stay.
Well, I love Holland for its amazing museums and open culture, but in tems of really finding diversity, Italy can't be beat. You can visit the eternal city for culture and history, Florence for art, go to amazing crystal clear beaches in Calabria or Puglia, and of course the Italy has the best food and wine. this is what makes Italy so special, it is so well rounded. For example, Holand is lovely, but flat and not well known for great food. Italy has everything from plains, to beaches to mountains, from Alps to Dolomites to the rolling hills of Tuscany. You also have different cultures from north to south.

Rome of course is the most fantastic city in the world!!
Mmm...I love all of them!
Probalbly my answer will not be helpy, but I put Rome Barcelona and London up to the ranking.
And what's your opinion?!
mmmm you asking favourite city in Europe? there are several from 100s of years.
start from 'A' Ok?
Amsterdam... city lower than sea ( i heard it is 10 meters down than sea.
Brusels... so many things there
Lueven (ah i am missing alphabetics)
Venice (city under sea) heard the story of city under sea every 100 years. but nice ok?
berlin (dont forget... the wall.. mmmm)
i been northern europe too and i better suggest you
greenland and more....................
Amsterdam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in Italy but I'm 100% dutch :)
Well this would be our ranking: Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, France. We have never been to Switzerland. But as you might guess it's just a matter of personal preferences..
Tuscany, Italy!
As for me I like little and peacefull Hoor on the south of Sweden!Have a good jorney!
my favorite city in Europe?? Rome also Berlin, but i have not traveled yet to France them I probably will like Paris too.
Having lived in and/or visited several European cities (from Limassol to Edinburgh and from Moscow to Madrid)I would say that my favorite cities are Amsterdam, Barcelona, Venice and Budapest. ATHENS of course is the best in the world!
For me, Florence is the most amazing. It has everything in terms of history and culture with everything modern but without losing its class.
Cluj Napoca, Romania
hmm,, everyone is right, these cities mentioned above r amazing,

My vote,,

Amsterdame ( its so lively in there, u'll enjoy the openness)





paris, (expensive too ;) )

and as i m currently in germany,, so i better give u more details,,

Germany is unique in its way, but it gets boring if u r not properly guided, specially the language is the biggest issue,,

But if u visit at a proper timing, as of some event and fair and karnival n stuff, u'll enjoy it the most,,


Munchen ( Visit it during the OKTUBERFEST , u can c kids drinking beer)

Berlin, nice and trendy too, big mals,

Koln (ahhh,, visit it when there's this Kolner Karnical, the 2nd biggest karnival in the world after brasilian one,, and also the world capital of Lesbians and gays,, so dont forget that Gay parade called CSD, and the Kolner Dom is awsome site to watch, and the Love parade which u can find in one of nearby city dusseldorf or essen or even koln, )


but, do drink beer, specially kolsch from koln
Spain: Madrid Barcellona Granada's Zones
Italy: Lazio Umbria Sardegna Regions
Rome, Italy, also called "the city of the seven hills", "the capital of the cristianity", the "Eternal city", but also the "capital of Italy", Rome is the most intriguing city in the world with more then 2,800 years of history.
For a guided tour, you may chose it on my web site :
Rome, Milano, Venezia, Verona, Paris, Barcelona, Porto, Vienna, Koln in Europe.
Zagreb, the Istria region, Osijek, Krka, Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Dubrovnik and the islands of Pag, Kornati, Mljet, Koločep, the Elafite islands in Croatia.
Klagenfurt, Austria is a very nice location for a relaxing vacation. many spa and thermal baths, you may ride a comfortable rented bicycle, people is nice, food is good, the entire city is relaxing.
Rome is also an intriguing location in Europe, with 2,800 years of history in front of you ... but so rich that to read it well you should rely on an expert, native local guide! browse on my web-site to discover the itineraries you may like more

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