I have two passports - Australian and Egyptian. Which one would be better to use on my trip to Singapore?


Country: Singapore


Hiya try the Australian one :)
Though Singapore does not allow its own citizens to hold dual citizenship, I am not sure what their take is on someone holding two passports. I mean, if you want to come in using any of your 2 passports, be it Aussie or Egyptian, there should't be any issues with either. Singapore treats every country equally, no discriminations here. But just remember two things:

1) Try to use passport of your resident country
2) Use the same passport coming in and going out!

Other than that, personally it would make more sense to me using an Aussie passport if you don't require a Singapore Visa on it. (I'm not too sure of that either, check with Sing High Comm in your country).
Have a fun trip in Singapore!
The previous response is very true, but if you have to choose one, use the Australian one since Singapore has closer ties with Australia I believe.
Holders of Australian travel documents do not require a visa to enter Singapore whereas those with Egyptian papers do, so it would be less of a hassle if you used the Australian passport to enter.

And, as AN mentioned above, do use the same passport to exit! :)
By the way, where are you residing now currently?
It will be better to use the Australian one.
Australian passport
Use australian, would benefit you
Singapore is a free country. But use the Australian passport,less of a hassle. Since it's closer,and there's ties between Singapore and Australia.
as with almost everyone who has answered your question, i would personally think the Australian passport is a wiser choice. just the number of people who responded with this answer is testament enough =)
Australia. No doubt about that. ^_^
use australia passport coz it much recoginised by the immigration rules.
Use your Australian passport. It's much more hassle free to get entry into Singapore.
AUSTRALIAN Passport for entry & exit both.
Enjoy ur journey in Singapore..

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